Icinga 2 Beta 1 Released!

by | May 27, 2014

Icinga2Beta1_EiThe time has come. After 11 milestones and 19 months, we now present Icinga 2.0 Beta 1.
Over this time, we’ve been busy coding and testing, recoding and retesting. We’ve come good on our promises that it will be easier to install, configure, extend and scale.
Even at Beta, Icinga 2 offers:

  • Simplified installation with soft link activation of functions such as performance data writers, IDO and logging
  • Intuitive configuration thanks to apply and assign rules, custom runtime macros and straightforward host/service dependencies.
  • Finer customisation in checks, notifications and events with command objects with conditional behaviours
  • Higher performance than its predecessors thanks to its multi-threaded design and many features you’ve always wanted like recurring downtimes and embedded health checks
  • Easy extension through multiple back-ends including native Graphite and Livestatus support
  • Distributed, high-availability monitoring out-of-the-box thanks to cluster features such as intelligent instances, automated load balancing and replication of both configuration and program states.

So here it is, Icinga 2.0 Beta 1 – built from scratch and ready for you to upgrade to. Download it as a package, test it as a Vagrant VM, follow our docs; either way give it a go and share your thoughts with us. The more feedback we get, the closer we’ll head towards a final Icinga 2 release.
Our special thanks goes to Carlos Cesario for his extensive testing, feedback and patches!
PS: Try the cluster Vagrant boxes (requires Vagrant, Virtualbox and Git)
$ git clone git://git.icinga.com/icinga-vagrant.git && cd icinga2x-cluster && ./init.sh && vagrant up
Navigate to http://localhost:8080 and http://localhost:8081 for Icinga Classic UI, Web 1.x or Web 2 (port depends on Virtualbox) credentials. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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