Icinga 2 v0.0.11 out now

by | May 16, 2014

Download_Icinga2v0.0.11Download Icinga 2 v0.0.11 and have a play with our final milestone release before we hit Beta.
In this release, we’ve reworked our cluster feature and continued to refine configuration, adding optional conditions to command arguments. In the IDO we’ve added the the ability to see if hosts and services are unreachable to our status tables – it may come in handy for a number of web interfaces that use the IDO.
Of course, we’ve kept our documentation up to speed and have even reorganized it to make browsing its growing contents easier.
So now is the time to download, test and tell us how you go with it.

Change Log

  • Redesigned cluster stack. #6192
  • Support for conditional command arguments. #5933
  • IDO: is_reachable attribute for hosts and services. #6094
  • IDO: Add missing events for service/host state changes. #6151
  • Lots of documentation updates. #6010, #6115, #6149, #6163, #6184, #6198, #6114, #6128, #5485
  • Plenty of bug fixes. #6179, #6148, #6111, #6131, and many more

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