Icinga 2 v0.0.8 Released with Redesigned Dependencies

by | Mar 11, 2014

Download_Icinga2We tick off another feature to simplify configuration in Icinga 2 with our latest release, v0.0.8. Say goodbye to confusing array-attribute style dependencies. Version 0.0.8 allows you to configure dependencies as inline dictionaries in service objects (just like notifications, scheduled_downtimes, etc) and assign multiple attributes directly. Just as in Icinga 1.x, you can configure checks and notifications to be executed dependent on state type and time period. On top of the familiar attributes, we’ve added ‘disable_checks’, ‘disable_notifications’, ‘state_filter’ and ‘period’. Please note that we have departed from the ‘dependent’ identifier of Icinga 1.x to use ‘parent_{host,service}’ and ‘child_{host,service}’ instead. We hope this will save users the confusion associated with the Nagios-inherited configuration style.
Alongside new dependency objects, we’ve extended Icinga 2’s clustering capabilities with improved performance, recursive ‘config includes’ and a cluster and instance health check. Furthermore a dedicated feature for dumping the current status of Icinga 2 and all of its features to a status JSON file has been added. But there’s a lot more in our new release than that – see our Icinga 2 change log for details. Also, please be sure to update your configuration in terms of changed dependencies and upgrade the database schema in the IDO database backend.
Get started with these new features by taking a look at our straightforward guides in our Icinga 2 documentation. Visit our support channels for help if you need, and let us know what you think of our latest new capabilities via our feedback and development tracker.
Wait no longer – download Icinga 2 v0.0.8 now.

  • Add dependency object for advanced host/service dependency definition
  • Add optional IcingaNodeName for cluster feature
  • Populate check_source attribute with the checker’s node name
  • Cluster supports recursive config includes
  • Add Cluster health check
  • Add more performance data to the Icinga health check
  • Add IcingaStatusWriter feature writing a status json file
  • Smoother pending service checking during startup
  • Reduce virtual memory usage
  • Stack traces include file names and line numbers
  • Treat script variables as constants preventing override
  • Fix pending services are being checked with the retry interval
  • DB IDO: Fix deleted objects are not marked as is_active=0
  • DB IDO: additional fields for cluster/checker nodes


  • {host,service}_dependencies attributes have been changed to dependency
  • objects supporting new attributes: `disable_checks`, ‘disable_notifications`, `state_filter`,`period`. For better readability, there is `parent_service` and `child_service` for example.

Update your existing configuration!

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