Icinga 2 v0.0.6 featuring recurring downtimes

by | Dec 19, 2013

Download_Icinga2v0.0.6Our development cycles now last ~3 weeks, where we work on a defined feature set whilst fixing bugs and improving overall performance. This time, the new release comes with changes that may render previous configuration and state files invalid – please check the Changelog for details.
0.0.6 adds a new major feature to Icinga 2: Built-in ScheduledDowntime configuration objects can be used to set up recurring downtimes for services.
Imagine the following scenario: Your host will use a load service to check its performance at a regular interval. At night during backup, an increase in load may induce warning/critical check results and trigger alert notifications. While you can still schedule one downtime manually in advance or use external scripts and a cron job to schedule downtimes, it would be reasonable to plan your maintenance for a defined time range using a scheduled downtime.
Define a ScheduledDowntime template and set the time ranges, the author and the auto-generated comment:

template ScheduledDowntime "backup-downtime" {
  author = "icingaadmin",
  comment = "Scheduled downtime for backup",
  ranges = {
    monday = "02:00-03:00",
    tuesday = "02:00-03:00",
    wednesday = "02:00-03:00",
    thursday = "02:00-03:00",
    friday = "02:00-03:00",
    saturday = "02:00-03:00",
    sunday = "02:00-03:00"

Add a new entry “backup” as scheduled_downtimes entry in the service definition and use the previously defined template. This works in the same way as notification declarations.

object Host "localhost" inherits "linux-server" {
  services["load"] = {
    templates = [ "generic-service" ],
    check_command = "load",
    scheduled_downtimes["backup"] = {
      templates = [ "backup-downtime" ]

Please note that only the first downtime is active within a given range and shown in the user interfaces.
Enjoy the new scheduled downtimes in Icinga 2! 🙂 Download Icinga 2 0.0.6 and report any bugs to our development tracker and send us your test feedback in our community support channels or with a comment below.

Change Log

  • Scheduled Downtimes as configuration object (also known as “Recurring Downtimes”).
  • Log command arguments
  • Performance improvements for the config compiler
  • Config validation provides stats at the end
  • icinga2-enable-feature lists already enabled features
  • Add support for latency statistics to IcingaCheckTask
  • Implement support for using custom attributes as macros
  • StatusDataWriter update interval as config attribute
  • Improve performance with fetching data for status.dat/objects.cache, DB IDO and Livestatus
  • Livestatus History Table performance improvements


  • Generated object names (host with services array) use an exclamation mark instead of a colon as seperator. State file objects with downtimes, comments, etc are invalid (unknown) for that reason.
  • Script variables are set using ‘var’ and ‘const’ instead of the previous ‘set’ identifier
  • ITL constants are now embedded in libicinga
  • Removed the ConsoleLogger object and keep the default console log enabled until we daemonize

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