v1.10 Feature Preview: New Classic UI Filters

by | Sep 4, 2013

Icinga Classic UI users brace yourselves: clickable custom filters are on their way. If you really prefer to filter via URL, you are welcome to continue to do so, but the less swift of hand can look forward to:


Simply click on “Set Filters” and a pop up window with a range of options will appear. Click away and apply, to have your hosts or services filtered as you please.
From seeing which services are currently in WARNING or UNHANDLED states, to seeing which of them have notifications enabled or are flapping, the new filter ought to make Classic UI just that bit more intuitive and enjoyable to use.
Cheers to stku for the (longstanding) feature request, and my girlfriend for bearing with me while I cursed away at my computer upon discovering an annoying mistake in the source code. The curious will find my rants in the code on git.
We hope you look forward to Icinga 1.10 coming in 50 days as much as we do.

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