Icinga 1.9 Beta out – Test now!

by | Apr 30, 2013

Download Icinga 1.9 Beta now, for a chance to preview our newest features and check on some of the bugs you’ve reported:
Icinga Core, IDOUtils & Classic UI: As mentioned, we’ve added a socket queue (#3533) and transactions buffer for large object dumps (#3527) that are great to test in large environments. There are many bug fixes contributed by community members (#2619 #2688 #3736 thanks!) as well as smaller performance improvements on the core, as well as the Classic UI on parsing the current config and status data (#3722).
Furthermore we’ve added new acknowledgement expiry (#3476) and notification (#3467) default settings, fixed and improved JSON functions as well as made the Classic UI a standalone component (#3869) especially for Icinga 2 development tests.
Check the full Core change log for more details.
Icinga Web:  Now is the chance to test the new cronk menu you voted for (#3396 #3430), as well as the new sought-after drag-n-drop style filter (#3268). These are complimented by usability improvements in the interface (#3511), from scrolling and tabs to links and authorisations. In addition, we’ve fixed the upgrade path for custom cronks for v1.7 users (#3431 #3981). There’s a known bug with overlapping credentials (#4002). Check the full Web change log for more details.
These come with a couple of fixes in Icinga Reporting and plenty of new guide enhancements in Icinga Docs.
So take Icinga 1.9 Beta for a whirl and give us your feedback on our development tracker, or chat to our team on our IRC devel channel. See our bug reporting and testing guides for tips.
Thanks for helping us polish up Icinga 1.9 for the release in 7 days time.

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