Icinga 1.8 released!

by | Oct 18, 2012

Team Icinga is proud to present Icinga 1.8 for download! Performance and usability featured in this release, with many new features in Classic and Reporting. This time round, we’d like to thank the community first up, because many of the new features in this release came from user contributions in the feedback and dev tracker channels.


For idoutils database upgrades, check the following for upgrade sql scripts:

  • module/idoutils/db/<yourrdbms>/upgrade/

For configuration file changes, check the following for added/removed config options:

  • Core & Classic UI: sample-config/updates/
  • IDOUtils: module/idoutils/config/updates


In the Core, limits to the check_result list can now be configured – a handy tool that significantly improves performance in environments with thousands of services (thanks to Thomas Gelf). Notifications can now also be deactivated with expiry program-wide, and duplicate events are avoided when scheduling forced host/service checks (thanks Imri Zvik). These come on top a heap of fixes, including the unknown macro replacement bug.
Classic UI 1.8 answered many a feature request, with predefined time periods in the log search, date picker dialogues, global refresh in the tactical header and a new command to delete downtimes of a host and its associated services. In addition, we now have pagination in various views and regex-based configuration search, making the interface user-friendlier in complex environments.
Icinga Web was not short on user-generated improvements either. An enlarged and more interactive status map features in this release thanks to user requests on feedback.icinga.org. Furthermore, event integration into the grids has reduced icon clutter, while permissions for Cronks and categories can now be edited in the front end. At a deeper level, a new credentials model has reduced database join load, leading to a faster interface experience.
On new developments, Icinga Reporting stood out above all. We’ve added new morning report that gives an overview of the last 24 hours, revamped the reporting template for all reports, added predefined time periods (last week, month, year) therein, and now support JasperServer 4.7 and better support PostgreSQL. Performance was also addressed with a new SQL procedure for faster SLA aggregation.
Finally, we cannot forget Icinga Docs, which has added a section dedicated to packages and wiki-style table of contents within sections for easier navigation.
We hope you enjoy Icinga 1.8 and continue to give us feedback on our development tracker and other community channels– this release is a product of your participation, so thank you!
Below is just a summary of our changes, see our full change logs for much more.
Icinga Core

  • Added a command to disable notifications program-wide with expire time as scheduled event #905 – MF
  • Only reap results when checkresult_list is not overloaded (max_check_result_list_items) (thx Thomas Gelf) #3099 – MF
  • Avoid duplicate events when scheduling forced host|service check (Imri Zvik) #2993
  • Resolved issue where unknown macros are not replaced, and misleading to single dollar signs #2291 – MF
  • Fixed next_check attribute not updated after scheduling new check #2265 – MF

Icinga Classic UI

  • Added pagination to various cgi’s (thx to ideas and partly source from Nagios, Thruk, Icinga Web) #2725 – RB
  • Changed search in config.cgi to regex #2884 – RB
  • Added selection of timeperiod for notifications and history #2341 – RB
  • Added date/time selection for all date/time input fields #2576 – RB
  • Added host/service selection for commands, leaving out passive only checks on check reschedule in cmd.cgi #2697 – RB
  • Added host/service group filter to notifications.cgi & history.cgi #2679 – RB
  • Resolved javascript refresh jumps to page top, not restoring previous scrolling position; add url param ‘scroll=’ #2855 – MF
  • Added command to delete host downtime and all associated service downtimes (extinfo.cgi, status.cgi command drop down) – RD/MF
  • Added a refresh button to tac.cgi in header mode #3164 – RB

Contrib: Added nginx configuration for Icinga ClassicUI by Francisco Miguel Biete into contrib/nginx #2253 – MF

  • Fixed insert on duplicate key with multiple unique keys marked unsafe in mysql >= 5.5.24; rewrite all queries #3008 – MF
  • Fixed redundant indexes in MySQL schema (thx Michael Renner) #3018 – MF
  • Re-add missing indexes from #1110 resolving performance issues on all supported rdbms #2618 – MF

Icinga Web

  • Various improvements to status map
  • Ordered cronk js files to match their namespaces
  • JSLint rewrites of javascript
  • Cronk & category permissions in front end, also system cronks
  • Real loading mask
  • New data credentials: IcingaService and IcingaHost
  • New db upgrade scripts #3239 #3052 #2890
  • New event interface in grids

Icinga Reporting

  • Added new template design and corrected some template issues
  • Added morning report
  • Integrated SLA function for MySQL -> Thanks to Thomas Gelf
  • Integrated SLA in the host-top10 & service-top10 reports
  • Enabled preselected time ranges in every report
  • Enhanced support for PostgreSQL

Icinga Docs

  • Added new stylesheet and rework docbook.xsl #3046 – MF
  • Added tocs for all sections #3193 – WN
  • Added jquery toggle for toc #3193 – MF
  • Created a dedicated page for packages and their customizations #2905 – LB
  • Created a how-to define a command, translate macros and test drive plugins manually #2692 – WN

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