TiNag Icinga Clients for Android

by | Apr 12, 2012

With version 2.3.10 released just last week, we now turn our attention to TiNag on our journey through popular Android clients for Icinga and Nagios.
One of the few clients, that come equipped with PNP4Nagios support and a log viewer, TiNag offers a nice breadth of functionality. Besides viewing host and service states, the usual commands such as enabling/disabling checks, notifications and flap detection can also be sent with TiNag too. Particularly handy are the host state filter, alert and tactical view widgets for the home screen.
Developer Gerrit Schimpf set out to create TiNag at a time when there were only two clients on the market. With complicated configuration and a focus on alerting critical states, none offered quite what he was looking for.
Almost a year and handful of versions later, a user-friendly design and full feature set with minimal CPU load (and longer battery life) is what he hopes to have achieved with TiNag. Icinga compatible as of this year (v1.6), he is now working on better Icinga support, improved layout for tablets and a PNP4Nagios makeover.
A free version – TiNag Light is also available for users try all of TiNag’s features on a limited number of hosts and services. Both can be found on the Android app market.
Get in touch with Gerrit per email, twitter (@gerritschimpf) or on his TiNag homepage  if you have bug reports, suggestions or just want to say thanks.

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