Icinga vs Nagios – a developer's comparison

by | Nov 3, 2011

It’s been nearly 2.5 years/906 days  full of enhancements and refreshing development. Many things happen(ed) in the background which are not visible to everyone. Especially when it comes to comparing Icinga with its predecessor Nagios, it’s always hard to show Icinga in its best light and avoid bias at the same time.
As you might be well aware, I lead the development of Icinga Core and its related sub-projects. So, I am very active in all spaces, seeking new ideas but also patches from the community – in many worlds, not only Icinga, but Nagios, Opsview, OP5, Shinken and many other projects with similar origins in Nagios.
Once in a while people ask for a different kind of comparison. Not a fancy feature comparison designed for managers, but one which takes lost patches from the Nagios developer lists, from Nagios Portal and other Nagios community sources into account and tells them exactly how Icinga is different – from a core developer’s point of view.
You may also be interested to hear another side to the story – patches actually developed in the Icinga space, which have been backported to Nagios. Because we want to give something back to the Nagios community, work side-by-side and share knowledge.
And to stay fair – you can view yet another table which lists work done by Nagios developers that we have ported into Icinga. On a personal note – it’s always a pleasure reworking patches from Andreas Ericsson. Learned a lot in the past year on actual core development 🙂
Last but not least, we are trying to add more noticeable configs and also configure options to make life easier for packagers. You are welcome slip into that part of the project too- packagers are always (Ubuntu and Fedora especially) needed!
So here it is, the bug and feature comparison table is divided into following sections:

  • Core
  • Classic UI
  • *DOUtils
  • Docs
  • Configure Options and Configs
  • Backported to Nagios
  • Ported from Nagios and variants

URLs to both the worlds of Nagios and Icinga have been added where available, so you may take a deeper look into the details…

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