Icinga 1.5.1 released

by | Sep 9, 2011

As you may have noticed, the web developers already released a bugfixed 1.5.1 Icinga Web version (and 1.5.2 is to be announced soon). Now it’s time to fix some Core, Classic UI and IDOUtils related issues – so the core team is releasing 1.5.1 too 🙂
* core: free memory allocated notification macros right after sending the notification, not in next notification
* classic ui: fix Localization: Form validation message could be improved (thx Mario Rimann) #1849
* classic ui: fix wrong titles in list of scheduled downtimes (thx Mario Rimann) #1848
* classic ui: fix host and service names are not allowed to have a ‘+’ included #1843
* idoutils: idomod: change stacked memory allocation for broker_data IDO_MAX_BUFLEN #1879
* idoutils: fix idomod should log more verbose on errors, asking for a running ido2db process #1885
* spec file: re-add processing headers
As usual, please download from sourceforge and report any bugs or features requests to our dev tracker and/or support channels.

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