Icinga 1.3.0 released!

by | Feb 16, 2011

We are proud to announce the new Icinga version 1.3. The new version includes nearly 200 solved bugs and issues and marks another outstanding milestone in Icinga’s release history. One major change is the introduction into dualstack host monitoring with IPv6 support – check the wiki for a startup guide.
Again we want to thank the growing Icinga community and contributors for helping us make 1.3 the best version ever.
Classic Interface

  • add address6 next to address in several views
  • add service states to annotate with current notification number opt-in
  • add trend timeperiod feature to locate the next problem
  • add configurable http charset support (default utf-8) within the cgis
  • add csv export to config.cgi
  • fix authorized_for_read_only can execute command over the status.cgi


  • save, edit, delete your own custom cronks (grids, portals, …)
  • persistent columns, widths and sort orders
  • add customized icons for cronks menu
  • cronks now open with single click
  • added tabslider, added simple duration field
  • added downtimes cronk, added filter for downtimes/acknowledgements
  • new tabs only opened if tab with the same name does not exist
  • add address6 to hosts view


  • add basic dualstacked IPv6 support with address6 as host definition attribute
  • add support for same host service dependencies with servicegroups
  • allow eventbroker modules to override sending notifications
  • allow empty hostgroup assignments for services as opt-in config option
  • fix host alias saved in resention data survived reconfiguration
  • performance-data handling and checking is now thread-safe so long as embedded perl is not used
  • fix extraneous alerts for services when host is down


  • add dbversion check in ido2db and print error to syslog in case of non-matching
  • only insert service and host checks when they are finally processed replacing former insert/update
  • add multi valued inserts for host|service_contacts instead of single insert/update loops
  • do not clear host|service|scheduleddowntime status tables on core restart/reload


  • new reports for last week, last month and last year
  • able to run reports without initial database state

In addition to the new features and bugfixes the documentation has been updated, providing more information on updating, reporting and all the stunning new features. Please read them carefully in order to safely upgrade your existing Icinga installation and check out the changelogs in the specific packages or in our wiki.
All files are ready for download on Sourceforge and soon in your preferred Linux distribution. You can also checkout the new amazing features on our demo-systems for classic and new web.
Thanks again for you support and feedback!

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