Icinga 1.2 Classic UI Updates

by | Sep 28, 2010

As our new release gets closer we would like to give you a little sneak preview of our upcoming features for the Classic UI.
The most obvious changes are:

  • tooltips for comments in status.cgi – you don’t have to open the host/service anymore to see the comments, just move your mouse over. Nice idea Ricardo 🙂
  • multiple delete of comments and downtimes – now you can tick the items you want to delete and click the delete button – just like multiple commands support in status.cgi. Well done Rune&Ricardo!
  • csv export on pretty much every page – you can now export various lists and status data directly. There is a small “Export to CSV” link bringing up a page with the current content in csv format. Adding two new config options where you can decide which characters are used for output format completes this nifty enhancement – great job Ricardo!
  • commands expander for config display. This will help at $ARGn$ substitution and showing the exact command line the core will attempt to execute. Long awaited feature, big thanks to Jochen Bern!
  • combined fixes including a slightly modified menu, adding unhandled host/service problems, javascript library updates, fixed segfaults on Solaris in status.cgi without query_string and also complete drop of php as dependency for the classic ui.

We hope you like the enhancement & fixes for Icinga Classic UI 1.2 – please help us test for the upcoming release! 🙂

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