Starter Kit: Icinga Virtual Appliance

by | Sep 22, 2010

Ever wanted to hit a button and have Icinga installed with all its components, MySQL and drivers already configured? Then Christoph from the Core team has created something for you.
With a couple clicks, Icinga Virtual Appliance a.k.a. Icinga Virtual Image will install Icinga Core with a sample config, IDO Utils, API, Web and Docs, plus the Classic GUI for good measure. These are installed via RPM alongside MySQL and drivers for IDO, to offer you Icinga 1.0.3 in one easy to install package.
Once the virtual machine is booted up, Icinga and MySQL start and the user is automatically logged in as “demo” into both Icinga Web and Classic GUI in 2 Firefox tabs. Even better, the “demo” user can execute all commands per sudo without needing any password. Check out this Fedora 13 based starter kit for yourself, at Icinga on Sourceforge.
Everything in short:
User: demo | Password: demo
User: root | Password: password
URL for Classic UI : http://localhost/icinga/
URL for new Web: http://localhost/icinga-web/
(added 11/11/11, 29/7/12) Note: For use with Virtual Box 2.2  and not intended for production environments.
As always, let us know how you go with it. Enjoy!

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