Do-It-Yourself: Translate Icinga Web

by | Apr 28, 2010

NOTE (Added 12 Dec 2012): The Icinga Web translation project is now closed. We thank everyone who has added their words in any language to Icinga Web!
Since our latest release of Icinga web, we’ve been getting a good lot of interest from all around. So we thought we’d better find a way of catering to the many users that are starting to come onboard.
We came up with – a place for anyone and everyone to add their word or two to Icinga’s web interface, in over 110 languages from Spanish to Japanese, Flemish to Punjabi. Based on Pootle, the open source translation tool used by bigwigs like Mozilla and Word Press, we thought it could be a little overkill – but who knows who might one day need Icinga?
All that matters is that it’s user friendly and the Icinga team can upload files to be translated, that go automatically into our git repositories for easy incorporation into the source code.
Pop us a message if you’ve got a language you want to translate to, at the moment we have files in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish waiting for your input. All you need to do is login with your usual Icinga account (or register for one here) and off you go!

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