Fixes for Icinga IDOUtils MySQL

by | Nov 12, 2009

Hi there,
just wanted to give you some updates regarding several fixes for Icinga IDOUtils. There were reports about doubled rows within several tables, where data only gets inserted and not updated. During my analysis it came up that there are several mistaken unique constraint definitions within the table creation for MySQL.
The unique constraint makes sure that if an INSERT will try to insert updated data, that this will create an internal exception which is caught within the ON DUPLICATE KEY clause. If caught, an UPDATE will be issued and everything is fine.
Regarding the table servicecheck, this was missing. So the start time of the servicecheck was inserted to the database, and when the servicecheck was complete, the end time also was inserted as own row into the database. Kind of useless 2 rows isn’t it? 😉
Today i did some further investigations on that since this happened with systemcommands too. It came up that tables timedevents and timedeventqueue had that “feature” too.
This is really bad because there are lots of those queries issued and data will grow fast. Not this time because there has been another modification to idomod.cfg – the data processing options haven been modified to ignore timedevents by default. It will improve IDOUtils a bit, but your feedback is as always very welcome!
Back to topic – those missing unique constraints have been added to actual GIT Master (fixing #173 and #181 – check for analysis and comparison) so make sure you get the latest and the greatest! 🙂
For those who are using Postgresql or Oracle – I have implemented and debugged them in deep. And they have own WHERE clauses for UPDATE – so no worries about that, everything is fine! =)

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