Icinga 0.8.2 is released

by | Aug 12, 2009

Download IcingaAs promised, version 0.8.2 is out and ready for download. Aside from fixing a few bugs in ido2db and the function “make fullinstall” the current IDOUtils now also supports long_output. Additionally, for accelerated development, we’ve also had a go at some of the pending Nagios patches, so this version should be up to speed.
Since supporting the hot wanted other databases is a harder nut we thought it would be, we weren’t able to support PostgreSQL in this release as we hoped to but Michael is on a very good way to handle the database dependent SQL queries. May be we are able to give you an interim release before the next big 0.8.3.
As a consolation gift we have integrated the Icinga PHP API for the first time. The PHP API should be installed with a normal ‘make install’.
Feel free to test the search bar and give us feedback about that.
The next release is planned for 2 September, but in the meantime we look forward to the feedback!

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