Icinga Director 1.1.0 is here!

We are glad to announce that only three months after 1.0.0 we tagged our next Icinga Director release: 1.1.0. It comes with a lot of new features and many little bugs have been squashed. Needless to say, so far this is with no doubt the best Icinga Director release ever. Apply schema migrations
Our Kickstart helper has been improved, and so where our schema migrations. You’ll notice this as soon as you drop the new Director version to your Icinga Web 2 modules folder. Working with custom variables makes much more fun, and you are now able to revert most if not all of your changes with a single click. Convinced? Then you’re ready for an Upgrade!

History matters

Our history-related improvements do not finish here. The Activity Log got more functionality and looks better than ever before. We track a history of all import and synchronization actions and are now able to track those to their corresponding single object modifications. You can also compare full configs in a very comfortable way. As a whole, file per file, before deploying them and also months after doing so.
Director Dashboard

Dynamic applied configuration

It is now possible to use the powerful Icinga 2 Apply Rules to assign services and notifications based on other host or service properties. Work is going on for applied dependencies and groups, please expect them to also be available soon. You’ll learn to love some hidden features like services added to host templates being rendered as apply rules in an automagic way.

Notifications are ready for daily use

Notifications where incomplete with Director 1.0. Right now, all components required to deploy notifications are available. ENV-support for commands is still missing, but it’s pretty easy to work around this by passing parameters to your notification commands.

Automation is King

Job definitionA lot of effort has been invested into automating your Director Workflow. Import data from various data sources, trigger syncronization and immediately deploy eventual changes to your Icinga masters? All of this and much more can be configured on the web while running all those actions as a background service. Want this to happen only during office hours? Sure, why not. Configuration gives you very granular control over how automated Jobs should behave. Our purge mechanism now only purges objects that vanished at your external data source, so no more risk when using multiple data sources even when combining them with manual configuration.

Simplified Icinga Agent handling

Windows Agent InstructionsDirector aims to reduce the effort involved when dealing with Icinga 2 Agent configuration. Quite some work took place to get this simplified even more. We had a lot of input regarding this, which helped to get a better understanding of how you are using Icinga in your daily work. And this is, what we want to target with our efforts. We want to ease your daily tasks and to lower the entry barrier for beginners. Want to kickstart an Icinga Agent on Windows? For every Agent Director provides a dedicated Powershell script for download that takes care of certificate signing and initial configuration.

Hidden gems

Synchronization stateMany improvements targeted the UI, to make Director look better and easier to uses. But a lot of work went on behind the scenes. We restructured some important parts of the code for better testability. Our CLI learned new tricks, same goes for the REST API. Data Types work behind the scenes when you define Fields for Custom Variables. Want to define Booleans or Arrays? Feel free to do so!

Many thanks to our fantastic community!

I’d like to thank all of you for your bug reports and feature requests. Your feedback teaches us more about how you are using Icinga in your productional environments. This is highly appreciated, as this is what helps us to grow and to make Icinga and it’s addons better with every single release.

Icinga Director released!

01_director_main_screenToday we are proud to announce our new web based configuration tool named Icinga Director. Developed as an Icinga Web 2 module it aims to be your new favourite config deployment tool for Icinga 2. And cause you already know Icinga Web 2, working with Icinga Director is a piece of cake. Even if you prefer plain text files and manual configuration, chances are good that Director will change your mind.
Empower your users
As an Icinga 2 pro you know all the knobs an tricks Icinga provides. However you are not willing to do the same work again and again. Director is here to make your life easier. Someone wants to add a new server, tweak some thresholds, adjust notifications? They shouldn’t need to bother you. No way, you might think. You do not trust your users, they might break things. Well… no. Not with Icinga Director. It provides an audit log that shows any single change. You can re-deploy old configurations at anytime. Invalid configurations will not be deployed. And you will be allowed to restrict what your users are allowed to do in a very granular way.
Infrastructure as Code
06_director_custom_fields_in_useDoing automation is self-evident for you? Want to feed your monitoring from your configuration management tool, or from your CMDB? You’ll love the endless possibilities Director provides. Based on multiple data providers Icinga Director offers powerful sync rules. Enrich your basic monitoring information with all required details and set the foundation for Icinga 2 powerful template logic. And cause Director know all about inheritance and object relation you will never loose track, even in really huge environments
02_director_applyFully integrated
We take care that installing Icinga Web 2 modules works smoothly. But Director is not only well integrated into Icinga Web 2. It uses the Icinga 2 API to talk to your monitoring system. It will help you to deploy your configuration, regardless of whether you are using a single node Icinga installation or a distributed setup with multiple masters and satellites. Using the Icinga 2 Agent? Perfect, the Director will make your life much easier!
Want to give it a try? Sure! Download Icinga Director from GitHub and install it based on the installation guide. Or happily fire “vagrant up” inside the Icinga 2 Vagrant box.
You will find Icinga Director on Icinga Exchange in the next couple of days as well. Team Icinga wishes you Happy Easter.

Icinga Web 2 Beta 2 released!

About 100 fixed issues and feature requests and nearly 700 commits happened between Beta 1 and Beta 2. We improved the setup wizard, fixed a bunch of small issues related to LDAP and DB backend code and invested a lot of time in usability improvements. You’ll find command submission easier to use, translations have been improved and performance data looks better. We spent time on not immediately obvious little things to get the general look and feel smoother than before.
Permissions are now enforced, restrictions allow you to use our powerful filters to restrict visibility for specific users or groups. Yet, it’s still a beta release. You’ll see that not every view and component enforces restrictions, we are still working hard to get this done. It’s pretty tricky to get all kind of filters applied to historic views in environments with millions of state history rows in a performant way.
We are getting closer and closer. You can expect a release candidate very soon, and we will plan the final release shortly after that one. As we are still in beta we allow ourselves to break compatibility and you’ll find a few little config changes in this beta release. If you delegated authentication to your webserver using the “autologin” backend, you have to switch to the “external” authentication backend to be able to log in again. That name better reflects what’s going on. A similar change affects environments that opted for not storing preferences, your new backend is “none”.
That’s it for now, more good news to come very soon. Stay tuned and enjoy Icinga Web 2 Beta 2!!!

A Preview to Icinga Web 2

As we tinker away at Icinga Web 2, we’re finding it harder to keep it secret. So we thought: Why not show you what we have cooking under the hood?
Icinga Web 2 – Dashboard

Effortless Dashboards

When logging into Icinga Web 2 the first port of call will be your dashboard. These can be configured to show as many modules as you like – be it views, filters, or even multiple dashboards. Timestamps and status updates are refreshed automatically every second, rolling along smoothly saving your eyes the strain of flickering displays.
Icinga Web 2 - Colors

Problems and Problems Only

The way we see it, as sys admins we’re only ever interested in seeing where the problems are, and more importantly, which ones are still unhandled. To make it easier to make sense of problems, Icinga Web 2 will sort all views in order of urgency by default. Unhandled, new issues will be listed first with full colouring in strong shades, while acknowledged problems follow with partial colouring in mild shades. This way you know at a glance if something is in need of your attention.
Icinga Web 2 - PDF Export

Export of All Sorts

With just a click, you will be able to export all data given in a particular view in CSV, JSON and PDF formats. Similarly, a view can be filtered and sorted as you need and quickly added to a new dashboard from the same, easy-to-find menu.

Welcome to the Matrix

Always wanted to see your hosts and services on one page? Welcome to Icinga Web 2’s new matrix view. Filterable and scrollable in any direction, the matrix is particularly useful in large environments. Be it all hosts and services, just those with problems, or just problems yet to be acknowledged, the matrix can be filtered as you please.

Icinga Web 2 - Filtered Service Matrix

Write History

Want to see events from multiple months or an entire year at a glance? Not a problem. The screenshot below was generated from an environment that had a few million events in its database. This particular overview presents only critical events – which amounted to a good 160,000 in the past four months. Thanks to the graduated intensity of colour, it is easy to distinguish especially busy days from the rest.

Icinga Web 2 – Historical Overview

Neither cache nor buffer comes into play here, as Icinga Web 2 handpicks its data straight from the IDODB. A click on a particular day calls up a list of filtered events to the right of the overview. From here, they can be exported or further filtered.

Icinga Web 2 – Sending Commands

At Your Command

All the usual commands from Icinga Classic and Icinga Web will also be available in Icinga Web 2. However, instead of searching through a long, static list, Icinga Web 2 will offer you command links exactly where you need them. So you can run the next check right now with a single click.
What about downtimes, comments or acknowledgements? Create and remove them at a click, when viewing a host or service. Same goes for enabling and disabling checks and notifications. The same view shows you the current host and service settings compared to your configuration, and allows you to see the history of a related object, so that you can restore an accidentally deleted comment for example.
Icinga Web 2 – Login Screen

Interface On Speed

Icinga Web 2 is fast, impressively fast. This is evident from the login screen.
With an empty cache, just four requests are sent from the browser, amounting to a crazy total of 60KB to be loaded by the server. This is the HTML code, a large Icinga logo, Javascript for the application and various style sheets.
From this point on, no single JS or CSS file needs to be loaded.

Icinga Web 2 Performance – Chrome

Only because it is so cool, here it is again – this time in a different browser:

Icinga Web 2 Performance – Firefox

Everything that follows the username and password entry is just lean HTML snippets and a few icons. This means it takes just milliseconds from clicking on “login” to seeing a fully loaded dashboard. Even when all icons are still to be loaded, as little as 20KB needs to flow through the cables.

Icinga Web 2 is not only frugal in terms of bandwidth, but also when it comes to your browser’s memory – something not to be taken for granted in web applications that are constantly refreshing data. We want to be sure that there are no memory leaks or lost elements in DOM. Though we may not be immune to browser bugs, we are doing our best to ensure that you can enjoy your future Icinga Web 2 dashboard on your TV on the wall, for months on end without needing to restart your browser daily.


Then have a play with our latest development versions on our GIT master. Your feedback is welcome.