Icinga Director v1.7.0 has been released

Icinga Director v1.7.0 has been released

Over the last four years, the Icinga Director has grown from an optional configuration add-on to a mature Software product with lot‘s of features. Most Icinga installations are now driven by the Director, no matter whether they are small or huge, manually curated or fully automated.

Icinga Director - Daemon health

But it will not stop here. Many cool ideas are eager to finally become reality. Director v1.7 is a huge step in that direction, as it lays the foundation for a completely new type of features. We are now able to delegate complex tasks to a dedicated background daemon that has been introduced with this version. New library modules have been published, allowing us to share cool bleeding edge funtionality among different modules in a more efficient way.

What’s new?

The UI comes with new features like cloning a Service to a different Host, Downtime-related features or autosuggestion for fields based on Data Lists. Please check our changelog for more details.

Some artificial limits have been increased. Host address length does no longer limit cloud people who want to fire their checks against super long hostnames instead of IPs. For large setups with tens of thousands of hosts in a single zone the maximum size for generated single configuration files has been increased.

Import and Sync

Ever wondered what WOULD happen when pressing “Trigger this Sync”? Sync now offers a preview, showing what to expect. This works fine even if thousands of objects might be subject to change. New Property Modifiers have been added, and a generic REST API Import Source has been implemented. Import Sources will now provide detailled errors hinting right to the problem in case of erraneous data.

Configuration Baskets

Available since v1.6.0, configuration baskets got a lot of interest. They became a valuable tool when it goes to exchange Service Sets or Automation Pipelines, either with the Community, when asking an Icinga Partner for support or just between your very own testing/staging and production systems. In this release many related issues have been addressed, and more object types are now supported.

Extensions and Hooks

Icinga Partners and Community members are building products based on Icinga and the Icinga Director. To satisfy their needs a couple of new Hooks have been introduced. For example it’s now possible to run custom code at deployment time. Experienced developers are allowed to do black magic by extending many of our web forms.

UI, Translations

Last but not least the German translation has been refreshed, and we have now a Japanese translation. Many thanks to Chisato Hashimoto!

Get it now

As always, please check our Upgrading Documentation and then have fun with the shiny new Icinga Director v1.7.0.

Director v1.6.0 is available

Icinga Director v1.6.0 Dashboard

Icinga Director v1.6.0 Dashboard

Icinga Director v1.6.0 has been released with Multi-Instance Support, Configuration Baskets and improved Health Checks. We’re excited to announce new features that will help you to work more efficiently.

Work with multiple Director- and Icinga Instances

Many Icinga Users operate distinct instances for various reasons. Most of them do so to have distinct environments for testing and production. With v1.6.0 it is now possible to switch between them from a single Web frontend. You can also grant User Roles access do different Director Databases.

Multiple Director Instances

Multiple Director Instances


Release, Release, Release

Good news for those who prefer to always run stable versions in production. No more need to feel uncomfortable with running the latest master or a support branch in production. We decided to tag patch releases for many of our Icinga Web 2 modules more frequently.
Allow me to announce that today we released Director v1.4.1, Fileshipper v1.0.1, Cube v1.0.1, AWS 0.6.0 and PuppetDB v1.0.0. In future there will not be a big announcement for all patch releases all the times. So please follow our projects on GitHub in case you want to make sure to always run the latest and greatest stable release.