Test Icinga 1.7 Beta!

Icinga 1.7 Beta is now out for download and ready for you to test. Help us make sure there are no bugs that we’ve missed. In particular, keep an eye out for:
Core & Classic: Minimised event looping when rescheduling checks, flexible downtime calculations, status map and log improvements. See the Core, Classic & IDOUtils change log for more details.
IDOUtils: MySQL varchar changed to text, idomod and neb module adjustments, as well as fixes to lob handling in Oracle and PostgreSQL timestamps.
Web: New global master config cronk for appkit_admins, new options for saving custom cronks, and many calculations (check execution time, problem duration, performance info) now brought in line with Core & Classic UI algorithms. See Web change log for more.
NOTE: When you upgrade, be sure to update your configs as we have moved and renamed directories:

  • moved bindir/idomod.o to libdir/idomod.so
  • moved /var/icinga to /var/spool/icinga in icinga.spec (upgrade safe)
  • renamed icinga-idoutils rpm to icinga-idoutils-libdbi-mysql|pgsql in icinga.spec
  • –enable-libtap is deprecated, make test now works out-of-the-box with rewritten tests

As usual, please share any bugs you might find on our development tracker. Tips on how to, can be found in our wiki and FAQ.
Thanks for helping us make sure the coming 1.7 release is a good one!

Icinga Source Snapshots

<<NOTE (added 7 Oct 2013): Icinga source snapshots are currently unavailable. Please clone your desired git repo at git.icinga.com for the time being>>

Icinga development is a constant work in progress. In the lead up to our major releases every couple of months, a lot of bug fixes and new features are integrated into our stable Git version, one by one, behind the scenes.

Till now, those who have identified a bug can follow its progress on our development tracker and see when it has been resolved. They can then watch our Git to see when its patch has been integrated into the stable tree and clone the source package to enjoy their bug-fixed version before the official release. For particularly niggling bugs, this strategy is a winner.
However, for a more convenient alternative to cloning the corresponding git repositories, we are now automatically building nightly source packages (thanks to Jenkins) for both Icinga Core and Web, which can be downloaded from our build server in various flavours:


Latest Icinga Core and checksum

Older Icinga Core and checksum

Latest Icinga Web

Older Icinga Web
Please note: These snapshots are essentially our stable release (as available on Sourceforge) with the latest bug fixes accumulated since the last release. Though patches have usually been tested in specific environments, the packages may be unstable under different circumstances –  so we recommend them for test as opposed to production environments.
For more information see our source snapshots wiki page, and just like any of our packages – download, install and share your feedback on the dev tracker. Enjoy!

Icinga Web 1.6.1 Released

As the core team released 1.6.1, so do we. Download Icinga Web 1.6.1 on Sourceforge now. This release fixes many database related issues and in particular, resolves a authorisation dispatcher bug that hindered the import user function – cheers to user gpduck for the patch!
We also managed to slip in a new feature that should make many AD and LDAP users happy: Groups can now inherit attributes bottom-up, as well as top-down.

  • JS fixes
  • Fixes for counts in views #2192 #2164
  • Translation fixes #2163 #2148
  • UI fixes #2162
  • Database fixes for oracle
  • Doctrine DB manager connection fixes
  • Doctrine count queries
  • Performance for TO’s and permission data
  • Portal cronk JS only cronk
  • Group manager inheritance tree and selection fix
  • Empty field fixes (removed caching)
  • Auth dispatcher fix #2142
  • Doctrine connection based prefix bug fix
  • Oracle error prone order statements


  • Choice of group inheritance model #2188

Thanks to all who have reported bugs and patches, we appreciate your patience in the lead up to this release. Please keep in touch on the development tracker if any more issues arise and hop onto our user mailing list, IRC channel or the Icinga-Portal.org for help.

Icinga 1.6 Beta Released for Testing

Icinga 1.6 Beta is now out for you to download and test. So you’re not caught off guard, here are a few new features to look out for:
Core & Classic UI: New capabilities in acknowledgements and logging, advanced wildcard search, and many improvements to performance and navigation. See the changelog/roadmap for more detail.
IDOUtils: SLA extension with enhanced event aggregation, and major changes to timestamps respecting timezones.
Web: New module and user management interface, cronk view and API, alongside improvements in reporting integration. We cant’ say more…
This is a pretty big pre-release, so we hope you enjoy the new features and help report any bugs you may come across on our dev tracker: https://dev.icinga.com
More information on the best way to go about this is available in our wiki and FAQ.
So, happy weekend testing!

Icinga Web 1.5.2 released

Just last week the core team released 1.5.1, and now as promised here is Icinga Web 1.5.2, ready for download. This version was mainly to resolve bugs, but we did manage to slip a couple new features in too:

– IE Java script fixes
– Re-added info icons (Lazy loading, Active, Passive, Notifications Disabled, etc.)
– Check_multi sanitize patch
– Log view fixed
– Missing commands (force host check)
– Fixed email validation – database upgraded to 254 characters
– Status map fixes

– Inherit rights at the group level
– Sort and grouping persistence in grids
– More info for notification view: Host, Service, Contact and Command (Email, SMS, etc.)
In the Icinga Reporting Cronk, the scheduling feature is now complete, which allows users to timetable reports to be sent or saved in the repository at certain dates or over reoccurring periods. The host/service selector has also been fixed so that services from a particular host can be selected.
The Icinga Web 1.5.x releases have been a whirlwind, so we thank you all for your patience, and especially for the bug reports and patches. Should anymore pop up, please get in touch either on the dev tracker or on the various support channels for help.