Icinga Web 2 v2.3.4, v2.2.2 and v2.1.4 Releases

We’re happy to announce the releases of the Icinga Web 2 versions 2.3.4, 2.2.2 and 2.1.4.
Besides some minor bug fixes, Icinga Web 2 version 2.3.4 tackles problems with external links and HTML in plugin output. Those were no longer rendered correctly in the previous version. You’ll find all issues for version 2.3.4 over here.
All released versions fix the possibility of remote code execution via the remote command transport. Thanks to you guys for reporting this issue. If you’re using the remote command transport, make sure to upgrade as soon as possible.
As usual you can get the packages here or check out our releases from Github.
If you’re wondering what happened with version 2.3.3, we had some packaging problems which forced us to increase the version number.

Web Developer Wanted

we_want_youFirst things first, Happy New Year from Icinga. Have you picked New Year’s resolutions? We did! Our Icinga Web 2 development team in Nuremberg is looking for a talented colleague who loves coding and is passionate about technology to join us. If you are talking PHP and JavaScript with ease and also enjoy a Gin and Tonic here and there, do not hesitate to contact us.

When you come to join us you can expect working with cool people in an environment that makes developers happy.

Sounds interesting to you? That’s what it takes to work with us:

  • PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Experience with MySQL or PostgreSQL a huge plus
  • Good knowledge in Zend and jQuery or other frameworks
  • Source code control with Git
  • Hands-on experience with Vagrant and Puppet a plus

The only thing we need is your resume and PLEASE only by email to info(at)icinga.org. See you soon!

Icinga Web 2 v2.1.1 released

icingaweb2_xmas_theme_loginBecause Santa would not be happy without a new Icinga Web 2 release for Christmas, we’re happy to announce the release of Icinga Web 2 version 2.1.1. This release is a primary a bugfix release, but also introduces a very cool new thing: Theming!
Curious? Be sure to checkout our winter theme in your preferences configuration. Imagine your critical and warning messages are presented in such a lovely winter wonderland. The only time in the year red is really looking great.
Find v2.1.1 on GitHub or use the packages for your favorite platform.

Changelog Version 2.1.1


  • Feature 10488: Use _ENV variables with built-in PHP webserver
  • Feature 10705: Theming
  • Feature 10898: Winter theme


  • Bug 9685: Deprecate Module::registerHook() in favor of Hook::provideHook()
  • Bug 9957: Sort hosts and services by last state change
  • Bug 10123: CSS loading may fail w/ mkdir(): File exists in FileCache.php
  • Bug 10126: setup config directory –config should use mkdir -p instead of mkdir()
  • Bug 10166: library/vendor/HTMLPurifier tree is incorrectly unpacked
  • Bug 10170: Link to service downtimes from multiple selected services includes host downtimes as well
  • Bug 10338: Debian: Failed to open stream HTMLPurifier/HTMLPurifier.php
  • Bug 10603: Line breaks are not respected in acknowledgements, comments and downtimes
  • Bug 10658: SUSE packages have the wrong dependencies
  • Bug 10659: LDAP group members are shown with their DN and membership registration does not work
  • Bug 10670: State not highlighted in plugin output
  • Bug 10671: Auto-focus the username field on the login page
  • Bug 10683: lib/CLI command web serve: rename variable basedir to something meaningful
  • Bug 10702: Host- and Service-Actions configured in Web 2 do not resolve any macros
  • Bug 10749: XHR application-state requests pollute the URL if not authenticated
  • Bug 10771: Login shows “Anmelden……..” upon login with the german locale
  • Bug 10781: LoggingConfigForm.php complains about whitespace but checks with /^[^\W]+$/
  • Bug 10790: “Problems – Service Grid” does not work with host names that contain only digits
  • Bug 10884: Tabs MUST throw an exception when activating an inexistant tab
  • Bug 10886: “impacted” container is no longer fading out
  • Bug 10892: Wrong mask for FileCache’s temp directory

Icinga Web 2.0.0 – The final version is unleashed

After tons of hours of work, we are proud to present today the final version of our interface Icinga Web 2. The new interface comes with a completely new design and many user-friendly enhancements to find the relevant information even faster.
With the new design you can see at glance whether Icinga runs properly or significant problems occurred. We enhanced the dashboard with new views to easily see overdue or disabled checks, and muted hosts and services which have already been acknowledged. In contrast to previous versions, the interface has now a detailed view for host and service checks which are not being executed in time.
To provide additional security, we added many new features, for example accessing modules now requires appropriate permissions. All existing permissions and restrictions of the predecessors are of course retained in the new version. Roles containing permissions and restrictions can be assigned to users and user groups in order to permit or restrict their access.
We also improved the integration of Active Directory and other LDAP servers. The new version supports to load users, users groups and group memberships of them as well as authenticating against Kerberos and loading user groups from Active Directory. A major advance is the creation of hosts and services actions; instead of defining them via Icinga’s configuration files, every user is now enabled to create them with the web interface and even share them to others.

The configuration allows to add actions only to certain hosts or services and supports macros like the host and service name, and custom variables. The new web interface provides yet a very basic API for scheduling and removing host and service downtimes. Basic access authentication is also a new feature to ease usage of the API.
For the future, you can expect more API actions and the creation of modules to integrate various popular tools to enhance the DevOps stack.
Find the current version on GitHub right know, while packages will be available soon.

Icinga Web 2 Beta 3 released

Fasten your seat belts, this is the last beta release before we carry our first release candidate to the launching platform, I promise. Our team of hard working scientists locked up in our laboratory and crafted lots of usability enhancements which will boost your monitoring experience: Forms and configuration dialogs are now easy to use and self-explanatory. Many accessibility features help to find information faster and assist screen readers. Reachability information for hosts and services help to identify dependency problems in your setup and sending custom notifications is now as easy as pie.  Search functionality has been added to the documentation module. And we extended the configuration for LDAP connections now supporting encrypted communication using LDAPS or STARTTLS. Last but not least we fixed a lot of bugs along the way.
Thanks for helping us testing, finding issues and sending us pull request. We’re happy about this pretty cool beta release and we’re on a good way to the first release candidate. For detailed information have a look on our roadmap.
Head over to GitHub for the release tarball. Have a great weekend.