Team Icinga welcomes…

… 7 old friends officially on board. Indeed it has been a couple of months, but as they say, better late than never. So we’d like to formally introduce you to our latest additions to the team:
Mike Becker – NRPE for Icinga Development & Improvement
Mike has been playing round with Icinga since the first release and has been with us since September 2010. Technical Support Engineer at PlusServer AG, he’s no stranger to Nagios and monitoring in practice.
Ronny Fauth – IDOUtils
Ronny too has been working with Icinga since version 1.0, and has been on the team since August last year. His day job as Oracle/MySQL/MSSQL Database Administrator at DB Systel makes him a fine contributor to our Core & IDOUtils team.
Lars Engels – Core & Packaging
Oracle Solaris and FreeBSD user, Lars helps us out our where he knows best – in keeping Icinga portable and running on non Linux platforms. He’s been on board since October 2010.
Mike Dupont – Core
Founder of FLOSSK, a free and open source software community in Kosovo, Mike helps Icinga with debugging, documentation, enhanced testing and development. With over 12 years experience in C, C++ and Perl, he’s been with us since February 2011.
Thomas Dressler – IDOUtils Oracle
As an Oracle database administrator for over 20 years, Thomas has much experience in database operations with RHEL-Linux and Solaris,  plus internal database monitoring and automation. So he’s felt at home on our IDOUtils team since he joined in March 2011.
Matthew Brooks – Core
Hailing from Northern California, Matthew is an IT consultant with a passion for our Classic UI/CGIs. From submitting his first patch as early as October 2009, he joined the team in May 2011 and developed our new tactical header introduced in v1.4.
Amanda Mailer – Marketing & Community
Contributing to the website, blog and marketing, Amanda is already known for her Icinga webcasts on Youtube. She is a longstanding Icinga fan and helper who officially came on board in May 2011 to help out more with our media and event opportunities.
So a big belated welcome and thank you to these guys for committing to the coolest open source monitoring tool around! Our doors are always open, so feel free to contact us if you’d like to join too.

Happy 2nd Birthday Icinga!

Icinga is 2 years old today. We celebrate a massive year of development progress, community involvement and growth. Just a year ago we were releasing separate versions of Core, API and Web. Since then we have unified Icinga and now stand at version 1.3.1. This includes dual IPv6 / IPv4 support, optimized database connectivity and a new look web interface. Two years down the track and Icinga is now stable, with integrated addons such as PNP, LConf, Heatmap and Business Process Addon. The project itself has extended to include Icinga Mobile and Icinga Reporting components. No wonder that we’ve surpassed 70,000 downloads in our 730 days.
On the side we have released a virtual appliance for easy installation and upgraded our wiki to Confluence. But new ideas and extensions haven’t only come from us. Kepicz shared his Icinga Chromed Status for Google Chrome, Karl Fischer IcingaDroid for Android phones, and Igor Drobot his Icinga traffic light.
Most exciting in the last 2 years was the chance to watch not only our team grow to 23 members but also the number of Icinga Users proudly announcing their use of Icinga. From monitoring the currents off the Australian coastline to Holland’s largest social networking platform, a network of public schools in America and an Austrian telecommunications network, Icinga has come a long way.
So on our birthday, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to all our Icinga friends and fans – thanks for your feedback, translations, wiki entries, tweets, and support!

Icinga @ CeBIT 2011 – We’re waiting for you!

Day 3 of CeBIT and we’re as pumped as ever. 9 am to 6 pm the team’s been manning the stand in rounds and with visitors streaming through the Open Source Park there’s heaps to keep us on our feet.
So far, we’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that many who swing by already use Icinga – quite a contrast to our first CeBIT experience just last year.
The latest version 1.3 and its new look web interface has also been well received, with our demo system barely left a few minutes in peace.
We have 2 more days to go (and a couple complimentary tickets left too)  – so hurry up and pop on by at Hall 2, F44 in the Open Source Park!

Flashbacks from 2010

As Icinga’s second year is rolling to a close and amidst the festive cheer we’ve had a chance to relive a few proud memories.
2010 marked our first unified, stable release- Icinga 1.2 and the entrance of the stable, new web interface in all its Agavi-based glory. Icinga Mobile also made its debut alongside integrated addons PNP, LConf, Heatmap, Jasper Reports Business Process Addon and Icinga’s virtual appliance.
All this was achieved on the base of solid development in Icinga Core with improvements to check timeout states and escalation conditions, as well as significant performance optimization of IDOUtils. Not to mention the continuous expansion of Icinga Docs which have added sections on REST API and external commands, plus PDF conversion to name a few.
Such progress is thanks to the team which too was fortified with 11 new members; but also the great community that has grown around us. Contributions came from everywhere this year, with Icinga packaged for Debian and the new Web translated into >20 languages. Aside from Pootle and Feedback channels both coming online and into full swing, we also saw our first YouTube videos and a new look homepage.
We thank you all for all your support on the mailing lists, Facebook, Twitter and at events such as this year’s OSMC, FrOSCon, Nagios Workshop, CeBIT and the Open Expo in Switzerland. 2010 was an amazing year that saw Icinga hit 38,000+ downloads, which could never have been possible without all our Icinga friends!