Dual Head Development

Maybe you’ve already heard the news and are wondering what’s going on.
The development of Nagios NDOUtils was re-activated a few weeks ago and I now will work to support both Nagios in NDOUtils as well as the Icinga Core.
As Icinga benefits through active Nagios development, Nagios will profit through database related development from Icinga and the circle closes again.
And that’s what keeps the open source community buzzing.

Annoying ido2db init script

*grmpf* – is just a short word of my actual thinking.
Many people are missing a stable way to start or stop the database daemon, sometimes it doesn’t clean up the socket pipe or you have to handle different command lines to kill it of – quite annoying isn’t it?
I decided to solve this with a semi-good new init script, dealing with configure and Makefiles to create and install it in a easy to use way but… what the hell?
The IDO2DB Daemon cares about a kill signal (SIGTERM for default) but his childs, one for each client connection doesn’t. This results in waise childs reading from a deleted socket… not realy usefull.
The actual git master now has a child signal fix for ido2db and a brand new working init script.
I hope someone else is as happy as I am about this.

Icinga 0.8.1 released

Hi there,
we are happy to inform you that the latest Icinga Release V 0.8.1 is
out right now. Just follow the download button on: http://www.icinga.org/
The next release is planned for August, 12th, 2009.
Until then feel free to contribute or provide us with feedback on the
mailing lists, helping hands and vivid minds are always very welcome.
Your Icinga Team

Icinga v0.8.0 is out

Hello out there,
we are proud to announce the first beta release of Icinga.
As mentioned on the roadmap , we have reached the renaming goal. But is just a simple renaming takes so much time? Well, no!
It was kind of fun to re-factor the IDOUtils to use libdbi as a DB abstraction layer, that we decided to get these changes into the 0.8 release instead of holding it back to 0.8.2. Up to now it should work well with MySQL Databases and current discussions on the icinga-devel list shows that there’s enough work to change the different SQL queries to fit to more RDBMs.
Also new are some neat style sheet changes based on the Vautour Theme (Link to MonitoringExchange)
Work has just begun and we hope for many feedback, preferred on the mailings lists.
You don’t have to buy a pig in the poke, just watch the Icinga live demo on: http://demo.icinga.org/icinga/ (Username: guest; Password: guest) and if you like it, try it by yourself after downloading from Icinga 0.8.0 on Github

*knock knock* – Who's there? Come in!

One point Icinga stands for is the wish to be more open. And we will release the CORE git earlier than we planned to.
Icinga is split up to three sub-projects, the core, the web and the api and now we opened one of the three doors for public review – the core door.
See it on:
Web: https://git.icinga.com
Git: git clone git://git.icinga.com/icinga-core.git
What has already been done?
We began our fork on the latest Nagios 3.1.0 code, changed the default values for the check_for_updates() stuff to ‘disabled’, included the IDOUtils (NDOUtils) to the tree but made them optional during the compile/installation progress.
The IDOUtils Code was changed to use libdbi (http://libdbi.sourceforge.net) as a C API database abstraction layer. So we should be more database independent. The big goal on this: “If you get libdbi and your favourite db driver to work, ido2db should work also.”
Tests against a MySQL database were successfull so far, but I guess we can do more on it.
If you would try it, you have to enable it during the configure part with the “–enable-idoutils” switch.
You can review the latest tracking items on: https://dev.icinga.com/projects/show/icinga-core.
I hope that we are able to open the tracker to public as soon as possible. Until then we will parse the icinga-devel list for issues and bugs and transfer them to the tracker manually.
Happy testing.