Icinga Camp Berlin 2016

Just a couple of weeks ago we came back from our first Icinga Camp in Portland and Michael wrote a great blog post about our journey to Oregon. But now we are looking forward to 2016 and our first Icinga Camp in Berlin. The Camp will be at the 1st of March 2016 in the heart of Berlin in a location named Kalkscheune. The location provides a huge main stage for talks and also a couple of rooms for Open Spaces and smaller workshop groups.
Since a couple of days the registration and of the course the Call for Proposals is open and we would like you to be a part of it. It is not necessary that the talk covers Icinga directly. Everything in your toolstack which integrates monitoring, logging and metrics even better then a single boxed solution would be great to enrich our day full of monitoring. There are a couple of Early Bird tickets available right know and we hope you’ll register as soon as possible. Tickets start at 75.00 € and cover food, drinks, wireless, shirt and of course a great day.
Sponsoring our Camps is a great opportunity to show you love of Icinga. Find out more about our sponsoring opportunities or don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.
If you have any ideas, wishes or contributions for our Camp, please let us know to guarantee a great day. See you in Berlin!

PuppetConf 2015 and Icinga Camp Portland

Team Icinga is in Portland right now and taking part in PuppetConf 2015. While working the Icinga booth, we are surprised to learn how many people already use Icinga 2 and especially Icinga Web 2 in production already, given that it was just released a few days ago. From small setups, to universities and large brands like HP, PuppetLabs and Cisco. After Icinga Camp in San Francisco last year, this is our second official gig in the United States and given the very positive feedback, we are more than happy about our decision to come.
PuppetConf is a little smaller this year, but this was expected with moving it’s location from San Francisco to Portland. Portland surely is a great city, but it also meant that folks from the valley had to board a plane and it looks like not everyone who came last year was willing to do that. The main new thing at PuppetConf is the new Puppet Application Orchestrator. Luke Kanies mentioned in his keynote, that the initial ideas for the product are over four years old and that they are happy to ship the latest member of the Puppet family this year.
The conference will end tonight, but it will not be the end of our Portland experience. Tomorrow Icinga Camp Portland will be held at the PuppetLabs headquarter right here in downtown. There are only a couple of tickets left, so if you are still in town tomorrow, head over to our camp site and register now. We are looking forward to see you there.

Last Tickets for Icinga Camp Portland 2015

October is close and Icinga Camp Portland is only a couple of days away. If you haven’t already signed up for our Camp you should do so in the next days. We just have a couple of tickets left and would be happy if you join us at the 10th of October.
Our timetable for a full day of monitoring love is also finished and we’ll make sure that we all have a great day.
Again thanks to PuppetLabs for having us at their office and special thanks to our sponsors.

Register now and have safe travels to Portland!

Icinga in Portland for PuppetConf and IcingaCamp

logoOctober is coming closer and we are looking forward to see you all in Portland in a couple of days. Team Icinga joins PuppetConf as a sponsor for the first time this year. Please visit us at our booth and we’ll show you the brand new upcoming version of Icinga Web 2. In addition to that you’ll have the chance to ask all the question you have in mind. And we hopefully have an answer (42) for that.
We’ll be in Portland for a whole week and cause it is so beautiful over there we stay a day longer for, you already guess it, Icinga Camp. Since a couple of days our final timetable is online and with talks of James Fryman, Eric Zounes and of course some members of the Icinga team we’ll have a great day of monitoring at the PuppetLabs HQ in Portland.
Don’t miss the chance to register for Icinga Camp now and we make sure to have a shirt in YOUR size. If you also want to register for PuppetConf, and we think this is great idea, please use the code SPONSOR_PROMO15 to receive 15% discount.
See you in Portland!

Announcing Icinga Partners & Services

Maybe I’ll sound a bit too dramatic, but I am feeling really proud when I realize how far the Icinga project has come and what impact it made in the open source monitoring community.
6 years ago we started our journey and forked from Nagios. A software that we loved, but also experienced its technical limitations and general lack of vision. It was a tough call, but as people who lived and breathed in this technology space, we knew that it had to be done. Because Icinga was easy to implement and users experienced that it was constantly improved, they believed in its future. And so Icinga became a great success.
However in 2013 we were facing another difficult decision, because we realised that despite the significant improvements we had already made, we needed to go further in order to change #monitoringsucks back to #monitoringlove. So we decided to completely part with the old and restraining code base and to completely rewrite Icinga from scratch. But with great power comes great responsibility and the major challenge was to identify the elements of Icinga that needed to be changed and the ones that needed to be untouched, because the users loved them. The configuration style is one example where we decided to break up with our roots; but it had to be done in order to make Icinga ready for the future. 
And you, our users are awesome and proved us right. We never expected that Icinga 2 would be adopted so fast and we were absolutely stunned to learn that many of you migrated to Icinga 2 before we had even released the first stable version. Today, at version 2.3.8 and the upcoming release of Icinga Web 2, everyone in the team works very hard in making Icinga a great foundation for the years to come and the best fully open source monitoring solution there is.
While we put huge efforts into the Icinga documentation, provide knowledge transfer through our Icinga Camps, and community support in the mailing lists, more and more people and businesses around the world approach us because they need professional services around Icinga. At the same time we get inquiries from IT companies that want to provide services around Icinga and seek to be listed on our website so that potential customers can find them. This is great, because when someone bases part of their business on our plattform, it means we are doing the right thing and we want to bring this to the next level in order to best support the community.
Helping our users to find qualified service providers in their area and supporting companies to base their business on Icinga is one of our strategic focuses for the upcoming years. Because of this we’ve spent the last weeks talking to many of our users, team-members, potential partners, and Icinga friends to come up with a model that is transparent, useful, easy to handle, and creates value for everyone involved and today we announce our new Icinga Partner Program.
We are especially happy that all the service providers we talked to and who helped us shape the program also decided to enrol and support our effort from the beginning: With Gridshield in Costa Rica, Inuits in Belgium, NETWAYS in Germany, Shadow-Soft in the US, and OlinData in the Netherlands, Singapore and India, we can cover most parts of the world starting today.
We will work together with them to spread the word about Icinga and offer official Icinga training, support, and professional services to the Icinga community. Find out more about those services provided by our partners here.
Please note that there is no and never will be a commercial version of Icinga. All parts of Icinga will always remain 100% open source and free of any licensing cost. For any questions, comments, ideas, or any information you want to know about our partner program, please get in touch with us. If you are a service provider and consider to enrol, check out the details of the program and apply here.