Have you been to the Icinga Community Forum yet?

The community forum is a place where you can meet and chat with other Icinga users. It’s hosted by Icinga and moderated by both the Icinga team and members of the community.

It’s mostly being used as a platform to ask and answer technical questions about Icinga, which is a great way to learn more about the tool stack!

What does it look like?

It’s a discourse platform, so it’s a collection of threads or topics which are open for anyone to leave a comment on!

What can you find there?

In the forum there are categories for almost everything!


In the community category there are posts about upcoming events, camps, meetups, CfPs and everything that drives your #icingalove

Icinga 2 Core

The Icinga 2 Core is all about Core configuration/DSL, distributed clusters, TLS, REST API, backends, event forwarding & checks and notifications.

Icinga Web 2

This category contains topics about our monitoring web framework and CLI tool questions, AD integration, additional visualization & dashboards

Icinga Director

The director category helps with the director configuration UI & automation tool managing Icinga 2 Core, usability questions, custom import sources and more.

Icinga DB

The place for you to discuss the new Icinga DB in all its glory.

Icinga Modules

In modules you can talk about custom Icinga Web 2 module development, your Icinga addons and even more awesome integrations.

Service Monitoring

Service monitoring is a pretty broad category for monitoring of databases, network, SNMP, hardware, Linux/Windows, etc. – agent less or agent based, anything you can imagine. 

Visualization, Metrics & Reporting

To help setting up visualisation for your data! Visualize monitoring & metrics, create fancy reports and add maps and dashboards.

Automation & Infrastructure

For everyone that wants to save time and their fingertips: Automate deployments with Puppet, Ansible, Chef and integrate event logging with Elastic/Graylog.

Meta Icinga

Everything that has to do with Icinga, but doesn’t fit in the other categories: Icinga website, infrastructure, the forum itself and anything you can come up with!


To help you get started with something new: Add your findings and guides for installation, configuration, programming, etc here.

Tips n Tricks

If you decided to give it a go now, there are three guides I want to point you to for the best forum experience!

Discobot is here to help you get started and tell you about all of the features integrated with discourse.

The posts are in the markdown format, so for everyone unfamiliar with it: here is the markdown guide (also good to get to know this flavour of markdown!)

And to help you gauge the tone, our FAQ and Code of Conduct!

Join our ever growing community! I’m looking forward to seeing you there 😀