Today we’ve got probably not one of the biggest major releases we’ve had, but it’s definitely one of our most expected ones: Icinga 2.12.


Icinga DB

One of the main features this new version of Icinga offers is a brand new database backend: Icinga DB. Based on Redis, it is intended to replace the IDO in the future and will provide much improved performance, especially in large distributed environments. We gladly invite you to try it and see for yourself! Of course, the IDO will still work as you’ve known and loved it for years.


Better connections, better security

Icinga 2.12 also includes all of the fixes for the dreaded JSON-RPC bug, which was causing headaches for some users. We’ve changed the way Icinga checks for a stable connection between endpoints of a cluster with the aim of improving stability and reducing the traffic load on your network a bit. If you want to learn more about what JSON-RPC does, check out this new section in our technical concepts documentation.


Since we strive for security in everything we do, you now can check your TLS certificates by using pki verify, which can print your TLS certificate and check whether it’s a public CA certificate. icinga2 --version now prints the current OpenSSL version as well.


Anything else?

Fan of the Icinga DSL? We’ve got a couple new things for you. Now you can use the DSL to grab templates from your configuration, and we’ve also added support for a ternary operator and Lambda closures.

When working with notifications and time periods, it is now possible to receive notifications at the beginning of your time period – think of a host going down in the night at 3 am and you receiving your notification at the beginning of your shift at 7 am.


Our Windows community already loves the new PowerShell plugins and framework (have you tried them?), and we’re taking the step of deprecating the old Windows plugins in favour of the PowerShell plugins, and two problems concering naming of replay log files and check processes on timeout not terminating have been fixed.


Of course, this isn’t everything we’ve got to offer. Head over to our GitHub to check out the release notes and the changelog for even more detailed information and features that could be important to you, or check out the Icinga documentation which has been improved in numerous ways as well.


If all of this hasn’t convinced you by now to get our latest version, we’ve also got a new version of Icinga 2.11 coming for you today, Icinga 2.11.5. This version fixes file system race conditions which caused issues with the config update occuring in large high availability environments. We’ve also got the changes to the JsonRpcConnection included, which will provide the cluster connection liveness mechanisms. You can go over to our website and download it right now.


Looking forward together

Now it’s time to celebrate and thank you, our great community on Icinga Discourse, Icinga Exchange, our GitHub, Twitter and other social media and places we congregate for the wonderful support we’ve received – over the years and especially last year. It’s something that kept us pushing on and pushing harder so we can implement a shared vision for Icinga and take that next step forward together.