The Cube module is our extension for Icinga Web that enables you to create enhanced filtered views on your hosts and services. By filtering in multiple levels you can create a view to separate by environment, location, operating systems or whatever information you have set in you custom variables. Today we’re releasing version v1.1.1 which includes multiple bug fixes.


What is fixed

PostgreSQL support was not working properly because of some syntax errors, which we identified and improved. Additionally, custom vars were not sorted correctly until now. This is especially an issue if you have many of them. Now they are sorted alphabetically which should help you to find the ones you’re looking for.

We shorten custom vars with ... to have them displayed properly in the UI. The tooltip should display the full variable name so you can make sure you’re selecting the right one. In prior versions the tooltip did not display the custom var, but it does now.

There was also an issue where the cube would not turn yellow (warning) in certain cases. This was the case especially for service cubes and is fixed now.

These and some more issues were fixed, you can find the full list of fixes on the v1.1.1 milestone. There are no special requirements or steps you need to take care of when upgrading. The release is available on the projects releases page.