For the last few months we’ve been working on IcingaConf 2020. It’s planned to be our first ever international conference and we’re all pretty excited about it. We received so many wonderful proposals for talks to choose from and we put together a nice mix of talks. IcingaConf is meant to take place at one of the greatest venues of Amsterdam for conferences. Additionally, we plan to have experienced Icinga developers and consultants for the workshops prior to the conference. We are already planing our panels for product updates to make sure you get the most possible out of IcingaConf. A very new challenge we’re facing now is the novel coronavirus which is spreading rapidly.


How is IcingaConf affected by the coronavirus?

The health, wellbeing and safety of our attendees, speakers, sponsors, staff and everyone else involved is our top priority. We are monitoring the situation around coronavirus very closely and we are in regular contact with the local authorities and the providers of our conference venue, workshop training rooms and evening event. We’re having discussions around the effects of coronavirus on a daily basis to revalue the situation. IcingaConf is planed for the 23. – 25. June, right now have no intention to cancel the event. If anything changes, we will make sure to keep you informed as soon as possible.


How does this affect my registration for IcingaConf?

If you already registered but are concerned about all this, please reach out to us. We will make sure to help you wherever we can. If necessary, we will provide you a full refund on your ticket. If you are unsure, we recommend that you postpone your booking for travel and accommodation for a couple of weeks. We hope that the situation will improve within the next weeks, but nobody can tell for sure.


Contact us

Whether you registered already, plan to register, you are a speaker or sponsor. If you have any questions, feedback or concerns about IcingaConf, please reach out to us through our contact form. We want to handle the situation responsibly, being in direct contact helps us in that mission.