NETWAYS GmbH is one of our Icinga Partners and they have decided to set up a new store where our users and community members can shop Icinga merchandise and gear.

NETWAYS now proudly presents the new #MonitoringLove shop which is hosting all the new Icinga merchandise products. Feel free to choose between different designs, multiple colours and numerous products. No matter what size you are or if you want to support sustainability – they have many sizes and also offer organic materials. Also available are different fits like standard or slim as well as fitted at the waist or regular fits.


As you can see from the selection above, they offer designs with large Icinga logos and small ones printed on the left hand side. Each design comes in white or black print.

Furthermore, everybody knows that there is no admin out there who could (or would like to) survive without coffee. So what could be better than drinking your coffee from a mug branded with your favourite monitoring tool? Yes that would be real #MonitoringLove! Just have a look at the new Icinga mugs that come in all white, all black or black and white:

All in all, #MonitoringLove currently offers the following products with Icinga print:

  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Polo Shirts
  • Organic Products
  • Mugs

As you might have noticed, they have not chosen “Icinga-Shop” as the store’s name. NETWAYS GmbH deliberately settled for the name #MonitoringLove (don’t forget to mention the hashtag!) as this is the tag which describes best Icinga and its community. Furthermore, they are looking forward to extend not only the range of products, but to also surprise us at Icinga, our fans, users and community members with new designs. Maybe some fun designs with regards to Icinga or some other subjects that go well with #MonitoringLove. Let’s see what will happen!

So far, see you at #MonitoringLove! Maybe we will already be able to welcome you at IcingaConf in Amsterdam wearing a brand new shirt 😉

If you have wishes regarding the merchandise portfolio, then please feel free to get in touch with the people at #MonitoringLove. They would love to hear from you!