We are happy to announce a new bugfix release for Icinga Web 2. Official packages are available on packages.icinga.com. You can find all issues related to this release on our Roadmap.


Less Smoky Database Servers

The release of v2.7.1 introduced a change which revealed an inefficient part of our database queries. We made some
general optimizations on our queries and changed the way we utilize them in some views. The result are faster
response times by less work for the database server.

  • Consuming more CPU resources since upgraded to 2.7.1 #3928


Anarchism Infested Dashboards

Recent history already showed signs of anarchism. (Pun intended) A similar mindset now infested default dashboards
which appeared in a different way than before v2.7.0. We taught their dashlets a lesson and order has been reestablished
as previously.

  • Recently Recovered Services in dashboard “Current Incidents” seems out of order #3931


Solitary Downtimes

We improved the host and service distinction with v2.7.0. The downtimes list however got confused by this and didn’t
knew anymore how to combine multiple downtimes. If you now instruct the list to select multiple downtimes this works
again as we removed the confusing parts.

  • Selection of multiple downtimes fails #3920