We are happy to announce a new bugfix release for Icinga Web 2. Official packages are available on packages.icinga.com. You can find all issues related to this release on our Roadmap.


Sneaky Solution for Sneaky Links

Usually we try to include only bugs in minor-releases. Sorry, bug-fixes, of course. But thanks to @winem_ we have also a little enhancement this time: Links in comments, notes, etc. are now highlighted as such.

  • Highlight links in the notes of an object #3888


Nobody’s Perfect, Not Even Developers

We knew it. We saw it coming. And forgot about it. Some views, especially histories, showed an anarchic behavior since v2.7.0. The change responsible for this has been undone and history’s order is reestablished now.

  • Default sort rules no longer work in 2.7.0 #3891


Restrictions Gone Wild Cagey

A fix unfortunately caused restrictions using wildcards to show no results anymore. This is now solved and such restrictions are as permissive as ever.

  • Wildcard filters in chains broken #3886