OSMC brought a lot of releases and new cool stuff to share and use this month.
Icinga 2 v2.8 including the CA-Proxy, On-Demand-Signing and Elasticsearch feature was released right before OSMC. Some of you already upgraded their production environment 🙂
Icinga Web 2 v2.5 was shown during our Icinga presentation at OSMC and released right after. Collapsible side menu, revamped design, domain aware AD authentication and many cool things more. Ensure to follow the upgrading documentation.
We’ve also announced new modules in their first release 0.9: Modules for Graphite and Elasticsearch integrated into Icinga Web 2.
Icinga Exchange v2.0 is now LIVE. Login with your Github account, create a new project, paste your project’s Github URL, choose an awesome logo, add some tags and let it sync. “icingaexchange.yml” is no more. Please join on in, we need your support on making this platform even better 🙂


OSMC was a blast. A monitoring community which always feels like a little family. There were so many interesting talks, conversations and productive time also during the hackathon, we cannot wait for the event archive. I’ll hook you up with a separate blog post on an OSMC recap once the videos and slides are published by NETWAYS later this week.
Blerim joined DevOps Pro in Moscow with his talk on continuous monitoring providing insights to more than 150 attendees 🙂



Community connects – we care a lot about our monitoring family. Meet together in small groups, talk Icinga, share #monitoringlove and put ideas into production. Want to organize your own meetup in your city? We’ve got you covered and can help with organisation and promotion on our channels, send some swag even. Just get in touch and spread the word 🙂

  • Berlin is coming soon.
  • Zurich ‘s 1st meetup happened already, watch out for the 2nd one.
  • yours?



Jennifer and Noah work as trainees in the NETWAYS development team. They have joined our efforts to enhance Icinga Web 2 and Icinga 2 in the next years. Cheers! 🙂


Community matters

Long story short – we do care a lot about our community. Be it answering issues on GitHub, being active in community support channels, organizing meetups and Icinga camps. There’s so much more, especially motivating others to do the same and enjoy monitoring. Let us know what’s cool with Icinga and share it! This is pure motivation for us too 🙂

8 years ago we released Icinga 1.0 in November …

… look where we are now 🙂

Please submit your stories to an Icinga Camp near you 🙂 See you in Berlin and New York in 2018!