Today we are happy to announce version 2.5.0 of Icinga Web 2. The new version comes with lots of improvements in the UI, domain aware authentication for Active Directory and LDAP backends and bug fixes of course.

Icinga Web 2 has always been a lightweight and fast web interface. With the new release, we’re announcing many small changes in the UI to make the experience of browsing through your monitoring environment even better. The biggest change you will note is the dark-themed sidebar which is collapsible. Collapsing the sidebar clears up the whole interface so you can focus on the current incidents and your custom dashboards.
Many organizations organize their users and groups in an Active Directory or LDAP tree. Icinga Web 2 has supported these authentication mechanisms for long time. With the new release you are not bound to a single domain per backend anymore. Multiple domains can be set up for various users and groups. During the login attempt the user is searched in each configured domain.
The new Icinga Web 2 requires at least PHP v5.6 and is even faster with PHP v7. For those who are interested, we brought together all details about the new release in our changelog.
Additionally to Icinga Web 2 v2.5.0 we’re also releasing the Elasticsearch Module and the Graphite Module, both in version 0.9.0.