March was all about our lovely community. We’ve had Icinga Camp Berlin and San Francisco, and also joined FLOSSUK. You’ll also recognize that our Puppet module for Icinga 2 was officially approved by Puppet. Blerim released icingabeat and blogged about it at the Elastic blog. And many more things happened …
We’ve also thought about 1st of April, but hey – we have so many great things to share and work on, we’ll skip it for 2017 😉


Really happy with this software, and glad there’s a supportive community to get involved with!
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Now its been a while since i started using icinga2 and its really an wonderful too, special thanks to people in this forum, without whom i couldn’t have achieved icinga2 installation in our live environment.
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Ich möchte ein großes Lob an die Entwickler/Community für die tolle Software bzw. dessen Leistung aussprechen.
Dankeschön! :thumbup:
Gruß Daniel
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Save the date for upcoming Icinga Camps!

We had Icinga Camp Berlin and SFO. Read more about exciting things happened at Icinga Camp Berlin here.

Marianne blogged about Icinga Camp Berlin:

Nicole added her impressions on Icinga Camp SFO and Elastic{ON} on the NETWAYS blog.
Assaf talked about the evolution and history of Icinga at FLOSSUK.

Stéphane told us that they’re using Icinga during a hackathon for DNS privacy at IETF98 🙂


Partners and Trainings

We are happy to announce that Linuxfabrik is now an official Icinga Partner 🙂 The first official Icinga 2 Fundamentals training in Switzerland happens soon: 15.-18.5.2017 – register now!
NETWAYS announced IaaS – Icinga as a Service.

Our partner OlinData put Icinga into great light on their website and announced being the first Premium Partner worldwide.
AikiLinux held their first Icinga 2 Fundamentals training in London last week.

If you’re looking for support, training or consulting in your area, please check out our partner network. It is rapidly growing 🙂




Blerim released Icingabeat v1.0.0 making integration with the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) a breeze. He also wrote a blog post at Elastic:

We’ve also managed to integrate it into the Vagrant boxes, more on that soon. Meanwhile check out the technical background on how to manage Elastic Stack with Puppet 🙂


Puppet Module

Our Icinga 2 Puppet module has been officially approved by Puppet. HOORAY!

Lennart started a blog series (in German) about the Icinga 2 Puppet module.


Icinga 2

It is really great to see the capabilities of the Icinga 2 DSL in production environments. Eduard Güldner provided many useful hints and details in his talk during Icinga Camp Berlin.

There are also various examples for generating demo configuration used inside the Vagrant boxes. They’ll help explaining what closures or anonymous lambda functions are used for.
We’ve also released a small bugfix release v2.6.3 in March.
Time flies – 3 years ago we’ve designed and implemented the magic apply rules inside the Icinga 2 DSL. 3 years ago … Icinga turns 8 in May!


Icinga Web 2 and Icinga Director

Marianne wrote an article about the Icinga Director for iX magazine. Get it while it is hot!

There’s a new Icinga Web 2 module for importing iTop data into the Icinga Director.
If you’re considering to write your Icinga Web 2 module, chime in on the forums. There are community members helping out. Or you just watch Eric’s Icinga Camp talk again 🙂



qubit wrote a howto on installing InfluxDB and Grafana with Icinga 2 over at In case you are looking into Redis monitoring, keep an eye on Webdis.
Volker did a deep dive into deploying Icinga 2 with Ansible.

Ever wanted to automate the installation of NSClient++? Fellow community members tried such in this forum thread.

msiexec /q /i nscp.msi ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=Documentation,WEBPlugins,DotNetPluginSupport,LuaScript,PythonScript,SampleConfig,Shortcuts,NRPEPlugins,NSCAPlugin,NSCPlugins"

Integration of PNP graphs in Icinga Web 2

… even Telegram notifications using the Icinga Director 🙂

Take control over the Icinga 2 API with this Nodejs library.

When it comes to domain expiration monitoring, take a look at this guide.


Check your NextCloud platform being up-to-date …

Enhancements for Manubulon SNMP plugins.

OK – Icinga monitoring is online at Puzzle ITC.

Monitoring the essential 🙂

That’s it for March, can’t wait for April 🙂