Time flies. This time a short round trip on events and social media love in October 2016 🙂
On a personal note – on 25.10.2012 we’ve released the first tech preview of Icinga 2. Many things changed until the first stable release 1,5 years later, even the configuration format (again, slightly). So Gunnar and I are celebrating 4 years of fresh C++ code, no more forked C code from Icinga 1.x :) A few days later I left Vienna to start our journey with Icinga 2 officially in Nuremberg …

Percona Live in Amsterdam

Bernd did talk about monitoring databases – with Icinga 2 of course 🙂


Icinga Camp Stockholm

Bernd and Blerim joined the monitoring folks in Sweden.
Michael Medin was there to talk about NSClient++ – without socks obviously 😉

Happy community member just upgraded to Icinga 2 directly after the camp 🙂

I wish I could’ve been there …


Icinga Camp San Diego

After San Francisco in 2014 and Portland in 2015 we’ve taken the long road to San Diego this time. It was a hell of a journey and we certainly had so much fun. Talking Icinga all day long and sharing experiences and feedback with fellow community members. More details will be available soon-ish in the event archive.


Sharing your wisdom

Icinga 2 and Powershell – using Google translate unveils a nice blog post in Russian 🙂



So easy

Packages and easy setup – focus on the real monitoring issues.

Going the #chatops route.

… or mobile even …

I’ve been in touch with Damien right before Icinga Camp San Diego, he gladly fixed many issues I did report while preparing my Icinga 2 API demo talk.

Or just loving apply rules 🙂 Some crazy shit we’ve designed in various iterations together with Tom in early 2014.

Icinga is used quite often 🙂

What’s cooking?

Looking forward to November – we’re working hard on Icinga 2 v2.6 and Icinga Web 2 v2.4 to have the latest stuff with us during the Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC) in late November. We’re also looking forward to more cool integrations for example Elastic Beats during the OSMC hackathon.