Couldn’t have said it better – join us in San Diego!
We certainly had a great time over at Icinga Camp Belgrade too … the event archive will be online soon-ish.


Community Love

napbas over at
The fun of Icinga is the discovery process (When R Feynman was awarded a nobel price, he didn’t want it. He said he already had the pleasure, the pleasure of finding things out!)

Icinga 2 isn’t easy, isn’t it? 😉

… still flexible in many ways.

That feeling when someone says that rewritten documentation is “excellent” 🙂

Alerts all the way – Banana? 😉

Anything else you would read home at night? 😉

Some already read the book and gained deeper knowledge

Meeting Icinga Partners at Oktoberfest 🙂

Migrating to the all new and shiny.

Oh, and in case you missed the Google DNS outage … Icinga was there 😉

7 years ago … first Icinga Web 1 impressions. Time flies 🙂

Still questions? …


New Features

Haven’t heard it already – timeperiod excludes are just a small config modification away 🙂


Integrations & Tools

Icinga rocks if you’re integrating it with other tools … have you seen the ongoing work on the Foreman Smart Proxy Monitoring?
We’re happy to join the Chef partner cookbook program! 🙂

You’ve also seen our new InfluxDB integration, for sure 🙂

Everyone loves metrics and graphs!

And it wouldn’t be us if we wouldn’t update to the hot stuff – this time InfluxDB 1.0.0 inside the Vagrant boxes 🙂

Been using the BitBar Icinga 2 API plugin on MacOS already?

Our partner Shadow-Soft sharing their Icinga experience …

We’re also super excited about the new Elastic Stack 5.0.0-beta1 release. During the OSMC hackathon we definitely consider working on an Icinga 2 Elastic beat integration.

I’ve written a blog post with all the details getting started more easily. Let’s see how quickly that escalates 🙂

Addons & Plugins

Hooray – NSClient++ 0.5.0 is out! Get it while it is hot 🙂 We’ve also evaluated the new REST API for deeper integration with Icinga 2.

Come see Michael giving a talk at Icinga Camp Stockholm!

aNag, a popular Android app, now fully supports the Icinga 2 API – hooray!

News from the #dnssec frontier – new plugin.

We love our community members sharing their experiences in blog posts and new plugins 🙂

That’s all for September now, October is ready – Bernd is speaking at Percona Live in Amsterdam today, next week we have Icinga Camp Stockholm and on 18.10.2016 we’ll hop over to San Diego for our Icinga Camp right before PuppetConf. I’m super excited – are you? 🙂