What really drives us making Icinga a great monitoring solution is community feedback and appreciation.
One thing which is really really cool – when someone sends you an email and says “Look. Icinga 2 works fine. Awesome work.” – attaching a screenshot with a hell of CPU cores and RAM. I cannot tell you this time which company he’s working for (only that the company is a NETWAYS customer we’ve been working with). This is JUST AWESOME.
For reference I’ve also kindly requested a screenshot from the config validation to get an idea about the numbers and time it takes. We’ve also seen customer environments even bigger with 100k services and 6000 Icinga 2 clients. More to come 😉
Now that we are like “WTF”, “oh. wow.” and “I want that hardware.” – I’d like to ask you to do us a favor 🙂
No matter how big our small your Icinga 2 environment is – please send us your screenshots of “htop” and “icinga2 daemon -C” (the numbers at the end) to info@icinga.org 🙂
Additional performance details are highly appreciated as well.

  • $ time icinga2 daemon -C (compare 2.4.10 and the upcoming 2.5.0)
  • IDO Mysql/Pgsql Reconnect-Logging (compare 2.4.10 and the upcoming 2.5.0)

Icinga 2 doesn’t phone home so our motivation seeing Icinga in production worldwide comes from yours truly – share your Icinga love with us 🙂
I promise to highlight your stories in the future here. If we’ll meet at an Icinga camp I’ll bring you some of those famous “dragee keksi” too 😉