Sometimes you have so much to do that it is pretty hard to give an update what’s going on. Sounds familiar? Welcome to my world 😉 I’d like to try a new format of information updates on a monthly basis – idea kindly borrowed from my employer’s blog.
These details should inform you what’s cool, going on, cooking, and coming up. Please let us know what you think about it!

Development Updates


Icinga 2


Kudos to Christian Stankowic

We’ve debugged Icinga 2 in the past month quite in deep at several customer environments. There are plenty of fixes coming with the next 2.5 major release. This includes a bug fix for command endpoint message routing, client disconnects when another clients fails (“not signed by CA”) and numerous other bug fixes. One thing which came up – if you have more than two endpoints in one zone, there is a known bug with check result messages. It is currently advised to only have two endpoints until we investigate further on the issue.
Last week we’ve fixed a bug in the check scheduler (one of those release critical issues). Right now we are heavily investigating on a possible IDO deadlock and further notification issues. Once these are fixed we’ll happily continue testing Icinga 2 and make v2.5 a stable release you can count on. Our plans target August as release month. Get your hands dirty and help test the snapshot packages!

Icinga Web 2

Not much to say this time about the web framework. There is some consolidation work going on with official modules under the hood. The Icinga Director is under heavy development as always. Follow its development closely on Github and the issue tracker.

Icinga Exchange and Accounts

Under the hood the developers are working on bug fixes and integrating new features such as syncing git tags and releases or fixing the tag search. An upgrade of the live system is expected soon.

Upcoming events

If you are an early bird – there is a 25% discount for Icinga Camp Berlin 2017 waiting for you. We’re also looking for speakers and community members at our Icinga Camps in

Team Icinga will also attend OSMC in late November accompanied by lots of cool talks related to monitoring and Icinga.


Community members are active everywhere. We do see a lot of questions asked over at Chime in and lend us a hand with sharing your knowledge! Thanks in advance 🙂
The Icinga 2 book (currently German only) gets a lot of nice feedback. The two authors Lennart and Thomas told us that they are in contact with the publishers to create an English version as well. For those waiting for an ebook – now available (again, German only).

Moving from Nagios to Icinga 2 – a journey worth a look? Even if you don’t speak German you should definitely follow her blog posts. So much good feedback – and Marianne is also actively reporting issues. Thanks a lot for your appreciation!

Jens is actively migrating the current Icinga 1.x environment to Icinga 2 at Müller. Most recently he discovered the possibilities of the Icinga Director.

The upcoming Nagstamon 2.0 release features Icinga Web 2 support. Kindly test and give the developer feedback!

Icinga Web 2 and also the Icinga Director are a result of many discussions and plenty of hours of development. We are proud that our users love it 🙂

Thomas (the author of the Icinga 2 book) was working on a Logstash check plugin for the new stats API available with 5.0. He didn’t realize that Jordan Sissel himself sent in a patch 😉

Last but not least – a Grafana Dashboard using the Icinga 2 API. What the heck? 😉

Oh and Blerim is now officially part of our team. You’ll hear more from him in the next months 🙂