Being a sysadmin involves a lot of things. Modern job descriptions do not necessarily define that as a “sysadmin” but “devops” or “manager of everything”. I’ve been a sysadmin myself in my previous job at the University of Vienna and sometimes getting back to things when managing the Icinga server infrastructure as well. Does it count to install and deploy stuff with Vagrant and Puppet? 😉
No matter how you define your job title – the most important thing is that you love what you do, filled with passion solving things. Even if they’re not exactly visible to others (sometimes only on failure). We’re happy that Icinga is able to make your job a bit tad more easy, monitoring all the things telling you that you are doing an awesome work – “everything’s green” 🙂
Today is Friday – keep things relaxed, don’t force maintenance tasks and enjoy your day 🙂
Classic comic from xkcd #705