We’ve just released another new minor version for Icinga 2. Some of the highlights for this version include the ability to limit the maximum number of concurrent checks that are run by Icinga. There are also a rather large number of bugfixes.
Packages for 2.4.8 should be available shortly. Here’s the list of all changes for this version:

What’s New in Version 2.4.8


* Bugfixes
* Support for limiting the maximum number of concurrent checks (new configuration option)
* HA-aware features now wait for connected cluster nodes in the same zone (e.g. DB IDO)
* The ‘icinga’ check now alerts on failed reloads


  • Feature 8137 (Checker): Maximum concurrent service checks
  • Feature 9236 (Perfdata): PerfdataWriter: Better failure handling for file renames across file systems
  • Feature 9997 (libmethods): “icinga” check should have state WARNING when the last reload failed
  • Feature 10581 (ITL): Provide icingacli in the ITL
  • Feature 11556 (libbase): Add support for subjectAltName in SSL certificates
  • Feature 11651 (CLI): Implement SNI support for the CLI commands
  • Feature 11720 (ITL): ‘disk’ CheckCommand: Exclude ‘cgroup’ and ‘tracefs’ by default
  • Feature 11748 (Cluster): Remove unused cluster commands
  • Feature 11765 (Cluster): Only activate HARunOnce objects once there’s a cluster connection
  • Feature 11768 (Documentation): Add the category to the generated changelog


  • Bug 9989 (Configuration): Service apply without name possible
  • Bug 10426 (libicinga): Icinga crashes with a segfault on receiving a lot of check results for nonexisting hosts/services
  • Bug 10717 (Configuration): Comments and downtimes of deleted checkable objects are not deleted
  • Bug 11046 (Cluster): Icinga2 agent gets stuck after disconnect and won’t relay messages
  • Bug 11112 (Compat): Empty author/text attribute for comment/downtimes external commands causing crash
  • Bug 11147 (libicinga): “day -X” time specifications are parsed incorrectly
  • Bug 11158 (libicinga): Crash with empty ScheduledDowntime ‘ranges’ attribute
  • Bug 11374 (API): Icinga2 API: deleting service with cascade=1 does not delete dependant notification
  • Bug 11390 (Compat): Command pipe overloaded: Can’t send external Icinga command to the local command file
  • Bug 11396 (API): inconsistent API /v1/objects/* response for PUT requests
  • Bug 11589 (libicinga): notification sent out during flexible downtime
  • Bug 11645 (Documentation): Incorrect chapter headings for Object#to_string and Object#type
  • Bug 11646 (Configuration): Wrong log severity causes segfault
  • Bug 11686 (API): Icinga Crash with the workflow Create_Host-> Downtime for the Host -> Delete Downtime -> Remove Host
  • Bug 11711 (libicinga): Expired downtimes are not removed
  • Bug 11714 (libbase): Crash in UnameHelper
  • Bug 11742 (Documentation): Missing documentation for event commands w/ execution bridge
  • Bug 11757 (API): API: Missing error handling for invalid JSON request body
  • Bug 11767 (DB IDO): Ensure that program status updates are immediately updated in DB IDO
  • Bug 11779 (API): Incorrect variable names for joined fields in filters