logoOctober is coming closer and we are looking forward to see you all in Portland in a couple of days. Team Icinga joins PuppetConf as a sponsor for the first time this year. Please visit us at our booth and we’ll show you the brand new upcoming version of Icinga Web 2. In addition to that you’ll have the chance to ask all the question you have in mind. And we hopefully have an answer (42) for that.
We’ll be in Portland for a whole week and cause it is so beautiful over there we stay a day longer for, you already guess it, Icinga Camp. Since a couple of days our final timetable is online and with talks of James Fryman, Eric Zounes and of course some members of the Icinga team we’ll have a great day of monitoring at the PuppetLabs HQ in Portland.
Don’t miss the chance to register for Icinga Camp now and we make sure to have a shirt in YOUR size. If you also want to register for PuppetConf, and we think this is great idea, please use the code SPONSOR_PROMO15 to receive 15% discount.
See you in Portland!