Dear all,
apart from importing the missing fix for the Windows reload in 2.3.9, we’ve also tackled a couple of other stability problems whilst working on the 2.4 api branch.
Packages should be available soon as always, find the Changelog below.

What’s New in Version 2.3.10


  • Feature 9218: Use the command_endpoint name as check_source value if defined


  • Bug 9244: String escape problem with PostgreSQL >= 9.1 and standard_conforming_strings=on
  • Bug 10003: Nested “outer” macro calls fails on (handled) missing “inner” values
  • Bug 10051: Missing fix for reload on Windows in 2.3.9
  • Bug 10058: Wrong calculation for host compat state “UNREACHABLE” in DB IDO
  • Bug 10074: Missing zero padding for generated CA serial.txt