sysadminBeing a developer fiddling with the server where your application is running on and *b00m* something breaks on upgrade. Apache doesn’t come up again, your Varnish cache becomes wonky and everything’s broken. If you don’t have your Icinga monitoring system in place already, one of your sysadmins will certainly approach you why you did break the production system. He/she will monitor your ssh session and actions triggered and logged to your Logstash environment, also looking into fancy Grafana dashboards marking your development actions as “website reachability none”. Working with you (or without you when it is 3am in the morning and developers sleep already) and fixing your mess, re-establishing the service. The day after you’ll learn to coordinate better and add maintenance tickets and downtimes before doing any harm.
That story is just one of many where some of us are familiar with, or we may just recognize our sysadmins ranting all the way about their new storage system which just does not work the way it was designed. Or, nailing down the network latency problem inside your WiFi at the company while you keep working on your development or consulting area. Apart from the Linux and Unix bits, sysadmins generally have fun with Windows (group policies, exchange, etc) and save us plenty of time all over.
Head over to your sysadmins and say thanks – and don’t break anything today, it is Sysadmin appreciation day! 🙂
Me being an Icinga developer for >6 years gives a special shout-out to the NETWAYS sysadmins running the Icinga server infrastructure and ensuring that {web,dev,git,wiki,…} keep running safe and stable – THANK YOU!
PS: While writing this blog post, Blerim sent me a preview to the new upcoming Icinga project infrastructure monitoring (now Graphite Web, later on fancy Grafana). Just awesome!