While working on the design and concept for our next major feature release in 2.4, we’ve fixed several bugs in our stable 2.3.x tree. Be it clients disconnecting in the cluster, timestamps for DB IDO history, or additional documentation for functions in object configuration, cluster config sync best practices and cluster and client troubleshooting. We’ve also added new ITL plugin check command definitions for “mongodb“, “iftraffic“, “disk_smb” and added more command arguments for “dns“, “ftp“, “tcp“, “nscp“.
In addition to that, we’ve overhauled the Windows setup wizard for the Icinga 2 client in many ways:

  • NSClient++ is now bundled and can optionally be installed when configuring the Icinga 2 client (thanks a lot, Michael Medin!)
  • The Windows installer now provides an update mode and installs the Windows service by default
  • The local nscp checkcommands querying the nscp cli command are enabled by default on Windows
  • New check plugin check_perfmon and several plugin fixes, including plugin check command definitions and documentation

v2.3.5 is tagged in git, packages in your distribution’s repository should be available soon – meanwhile check the Changelog below.
Enjoy Icinga 2 and join the community channels!




  • NSClient++ is now bundled with the Windows setup wizard and can optionally be installed
  • Windows Wizard: “include <nscp>” is set by default
  • Windows Wizard: Add update mode
  • Plugins: Add check_perfmon plugin for Windows
  • ITL: Add CheckCommand objects for Windows plugins (“include <windows-plugins>”)
  • ITL: Add CheckCommand definitions for “mongodb”, “iftraffic”, “disk_smb”
  • ITL: Add arguments to CheckCommands “dns”, “ftp”, “tcp”, “nscp”


  • Feature 8116: Extend Windows installer with an update mode
  • Feature 8180: Add documentation and CheckCommands for the windows plugins
  • Feature 8809: Add check_perfmon plugin for Windows
  • Feature 9115: Add SHOWALL to NSCP Checkcommand
  • Feature 9130: Add ‘check_drivesize’ as nscp-local check command
  • Feature 9145: Add arguments to “dns” CheckCommand
  • Feature 9146: Add arguments to “ftp” CheckCommand
  • Feature 9147: Add arguments to “tcp” CheckCommand
  • Feature 9176: ITL Documentation: Add a link for passing custom attributes as command parameters
  • Feature 9180: Include Windows support details in the documentation
  • Feature 9185: Add timestamp support for PerfdataWriter
  • Feature 9191: Add “mongodb” CheckCommand definition
  • Feature 9238: Bundle NSClient++ in Windows Installer
  • Feature 9254: Add ‘disk_smb’ Plugin CheckCommand definition
  • Feature 9256: Determine NSClient++ installation path using MsiGetComponentPath
  • Feature 9260: Include <nscp> by default on Windows
  • Feature 9261: Add the –load-all and –log options for nscp-local
  • Feature 9263: Add support for installing NSClient++ in the Icinga 2 Windows wizard
  • Feature 9270: Update service apply for documentation
  • Feature 9272: Add ‘iftraffic’ to plugins-contrib check command definitions
  • Feature 9285: Best practices: cluster config sync
  • Feature 9297: Add examples for function usage in “set_if” and “command” attributes
  • Feature 9310: Add typeof in ‘assign/ignore where’ expression as example
  • Feature 9311: Add local variable scope for *Command to documentation (host, service, etc)
  • Feature 9313: Use a more simple example for passing command parameters
  • Feature 9318: Explain string concatenation in objects by real-world example
  • Feature 9363: Update documentation for escape sequences
  • Feature 9419: Enhance cluster/client troubleshooting
  • Feature 9420: Enhance cluster docs with HA command_endpoints
  • Feature 9431: Documentation: Move configuration before advanced topics


  • Bug 8853: Syntax Highlighting: host.address vs host.add
  • Bug 8888: Icinga2 –version: Error showing Distribution
  • Bug 8891: Node wont connect properly to master if host is is not set for Endpoint on new installs
  • Bug 9055: Wrong timestamps w/ historical data replay in DB IDO
  • Bug 9109: WIN: syslog is not an enable-able feature in windows
  • Bug 9116: node update-config reports critical and warning
  • Bug 9121: Possible DB deadlock
  • Bug 9131: Missing “)” in last Apply Rules example
  • Bug 9142: Downtimes are always “fixed”
  • Bug 9143: Incorrect type and state filter mapping for User objects in DB IDO
  • Bug 9161: ‘disk’: wrong order of threshold command arguments
  • Bug 9187: SPEC: Give group write permissions for perfdata dir
  • Bug 9205: port empty when using icinga2 node wizard
  • Bug 9222: Missing custom attributes in backends if name is equal to object attribute
  • Bug 9253: Incorrect variable name in the ITL
  • Bug 9255: –scm-installs fails when the service is already installed
  • Bug 9258: Some checks in the default Windows configuration fail
  • Bug 9259: Disk and ‘icinga’ services are missing in the default Windows config
  • Bug 9268: Typo in Configuration Best Practice
  • Bug 9269: Wrong permission etc on windows
  • Bug 9324: Multi line output not correctly handled from compat channels
  • Bug 9328: Multiline vars are broken in objects.cache output
  • Bug 9372: plugins-contrib.d/databases.conf: wrong argument for mssql_health
  • Bug 9389: Documentation: Typo
  • Bug 9390: Wrong service table attributes in Livestatus documentation
  • Bug 9393: Documentation: Extend Custom Attributes with the boolean type
  • Bug 9394: Including <nscp> on Linux fails with unregistered function
  • Bug 9399: Documentation: Typo
  • Bug 9406: Selective cluster reconnecting breaks client communication
  • Bug 9412: Documentation: Update the link to register a new Icinga account