Earlier this month i visited Bangalore and also India for the first time to join the HasGeek Rootconf 2015. I arrived a couple of days earlier to meet some Icinga partners and other people in the area. I had my first discussion late at night after arrival, cause a wild dog was not happy that i wanted to get back to my taxi. After a little bit yelling the dog went away and i was able to continue my journey:).
Before i move on to talk about the conference let me just mention one thing … the traffic. It is really unbelievable whats going on there. Going from A to B takes minimum an hour and it is absolutely insignificant where place A or B is. I thought there is no chance for me getting back and i will never come out of this jungle, but then the opposite happens. I got used to it and after some days it was really “normal”.
But lets talk about the conference. The Rootconf was very well organised and the team helped me a lot in the preparation of my travel. The first day started with talk about SaltStack given by Mike Place. It was the first time for me getting in touch with this project in the configuration management area and Mike did a really good job. Definitely a take away for me and the project to work together with these guys in the future.  The talk was followed by a couple of speeches on scalability, cloud and a database comparison between MySQL and PosgreSQL.
My keynote started at the beginning of the second day and for me it was really amazing how many people still using Icinga2 in production. Snapdeal, India’s largest online store, uses Icinga for years now and they plan to migrate over to Icinga2 in the next weeks.
My talk was followed by so many good questions, discussions and ideas that i missed lunch two hours later. But that’s not worth mentioning, cause this was the purpose of my visit. The best thing directly happened after my talk. A RancherOS – Demo with an Icinga Web 2 installation. Great!
Our friends at Olindata provide an Icinga Training in Bangalore in July. If you want to learn more about Icinga, register now. And if you want to talk to Eric and others in the Icinga Community you should definitely visit us in Kuala Lumpur in June.
India was a great experience with a lot of interesting talks, very lovely people, great food and a cricket game on Sunday. Royal Challengers Bangalore Go Go Go. We’ll back!