Thanks for your kind feedback on the initial v2.3.0 release – we’ve found a few bug reports and already implemented fixes. There’s a regression with the disk plugin check command in 2.3.0 – warning and critical thresholds now require the percent sign explicitly. The documentation has been fixed – make sure to update your configuration accordingly.
icinga2_2.3.1Cluster heartbeat does not disconnect clients on slow bandwidth, process groups are killed on timeouts instead of only the parent process and the String type provides a new method called ‘contains‘.
Update: There was a problem with the fix in #8687 which is why we’re now at v2.3.2.
Upgrade now and enjoy Icinga 2 v2.3.1 v2.3.2!


Please note that this version fixes the default thresholds for the disk check which were inadvertently broken in 2.3.0; if you’re using percent-based custom thresholds you will need to add the ‘%’ sign to your custom attributes.

  • Feature 8659: Implement String#contains
  • Bug 8540: Kill signal sent only to check process, not whole process group
  • Bug 8657: Missing program name in ‘icinga2 –version’
  • Bug 8658: Fix check_disk thresholds: make sure partitions are the last arguments
  • Bug 8672: Api heartbeat message response time problem
  • Bug 8673: Fix check_disk default thresholds and document the change of unit
  • Bug 8679: Config validation fail because of unexpected new-line
  • Bug 8680: Update documentation for DB IDO HA Run-Once
  • Bug 8683: Make sure that the /var/log/icinga2/crash directory exists
  • Bug 8684: Fix formatting for the GDB stacktrace
  • Bug 8687: Crash in Dependency::Stop
  • Bug 8691: Debian packages do not create /var/log/icinga2/crash