We’re proud to announce another bug fix release for the 2.2 series. This version fixes a few more issues we’ve found in 2.2.2.
Changelog for 2.2.3:

  • Bug #8063: Volatile checks trigger invalid notifications on OK->OK state changes
  • Bug #8125: Incorrect ticket shouldn’t cause “node wizard” to terminate
  • Bug #8126: Icinga 2.2.2 doesn’t build on i586 SUSE distributions
  • Bug #8143: Windows plugin check_service.exe can’t find service NTDS
  • Bug #8144: Arguments without values are not used on plugin exec
  • Bug #8147: check_interval must be greater than 0 error on update-config
  • Bug #8152: DB IDO query queue limit reached on reload
  • Bug #8171: Typo in example of StatusDataWriter
  • Bug #8178: Icinga 2.2.2 segfaults on FreeBSD
  • Bug #8181: icinga2 node update config shows hex instead of human readable names
  • Bug #8182: Segfault on update-config old empty config