We’re quite active in many community channels, and are often asked why there is no donate button on icinga.org, or how someone could just send us something we appreciate.
While it is tremendously hard to have one single postal address for an international team (sorry guys & gals), we try to keep up and share it with the team. And we really appreciate any sort of thank you – happy team == happy icinga community 🙂
Some beloved community members are not only active on the #icinga IRC support channel, but also help report bugs and test snapshot builds inside the #icinga-devel channel. One of them is Bart Vrancken (CrossWire on IRC), and he really loves what we do with Icinga as it seems 🙂
We were just joking on IRC a while back, and offering to send gin, beer, gummi bears or LEGO even …
12:31 < CrossWire> formorer: donations go where? :p
12:31 < dnsmichi> beer, gin & gummibaers, deutschherrnstr. 15-19, 90443 nuremberg ;-)
12:32 < dnsmichi> well. or lego :)
12:32 < formorer> not everone works at netways :)
12:33 < CrossWire> well i've read on the website no donations are 'accepted', but i dont mind to supply some beer ;) you guys helped me a lot
12:33 < CrossWire> formorer / dnsmichi / shroud work all at netways?
12:34 < formorer> dnsmichi and shroud do.
12:36 < CrossWire> nuremberg is a bit out of my way, so ill must ship something ;)
13:01 < dnsmichi> well, collecting stuff at netways is easy, and then redistribute to others.
13:02 < dnsmichi> but it was more of a joke tbh, i'm not expecting anything :)
13:29 < CrossWire> dnsmichi: wrong postal btw ;)

In the end, it turned out that the postal is still 90429 (my bad), and the package had some issues with DHL shipping (Germans are used to that, somehow), but after that it’s like – WOW, THANKS A LOT, BART! 🙂
icinga_beer01 icinga_beer02
(and we certainly have some Icinga beer with all the others hopefully soon :))