Today I want to introduce an interface improvement we’ve made in Icinga Web 2: the new multi-selection. In previous versions of Icinga Web, you had to select objects by ticking a checkbox, selecting the action and then pressing on apply. With Icinga Web 2 we have simplified this process, so that one single mouse click on each row will select it and also immediately show you additional information in the detail area.
If you want to select multiple objects at once, you can now do that by pressing CTRL or Shift like in any desktop application. To see how this works in practice, lets take a look at the following example:
1. We recognize on the dashboard that there are several hosts down and unhandled.
2. Now we select a range of 10 hosts at once, by clicking shift and selecting the first and the last host of the range. This causes the detail view to open, which will then show all actions that are available on the selected objects.
3. In the detail view, we can acknowledge those problems by clicking on “Acknowledge Unhandled Problem Hosts”. Once the command is finished, we will immediately see the effect on the dashboard.
While you can use Shift to select ranges, it is also possible to use CTRL to select multiple objects individually.