logo-2xAs I moved out of the UK and back to Israel, I wondered about the exposure and acceptance of the Icinga product in the IT market in Israel. I knew of a few places that use it – but those are people I introduced to the project or pointed in the direction, It seems that the main tool here is still the age old Nagios (can’t say I am surprised, I started with it myself).
As I am reacquainting myself with the IT and work environment here, I signed up to meetup and looked to see any groups discussing monitoring tools in general or Icinga in any way. I failed to find any, so I decided to establish a meetup that will allow like-minded people to gather and discuss Monitoring utilities, hence the “Monitoring – the Open Source Way” group was set up, with the first talk focusing on Icinga and the innovation of Icinga 2.
Save the date: Sun Oct 26
I was astounded by the sign up rate and the number of RSVP’s – so much so that the venue had to be upgraded.
It seems that we might be on a good start, see you there!