gate_bridgeWhile preparing for our very first Icinga Camp in San Francisco and planning the next feature release, we’ve also been catching up with some smaller bugs in the 2.1.0 release.
Icinga 2 version 2.1.1 is tagged on Github, package builds for distributions should be available soon.
We’ll have Icinga 2 and the latest Icinga Web 2 dev snapshot in the Vagrant boxes with us next week – see you in the city! 🙂
Changelog 2.1.1

  • Bug #6147: Link libcJSON against libm
  • Bug #6696: make test fails on openbsd
  • Bug #6841: Too many queued messages
  • Bug #6862: SSL_read errors during restart
  • Bug #6981: SSL errors with interleaved SSL_read/write
  • Bug #7029: icinga2.spec: files-attr-not-set for python-icinga2 package
  • Bug #7032: “Error parsing performance data” in spite of “enable_perfdata = false”
  • Bug #7036: Remove validator for the Script type
  • Bug #7037: icinga2-list-objects doesn’t work with Python 3
  • Bug #7038: Fix rpmlint errors
  • Bug #7042: icinga2-list-objects complains about Umlauts and stops output
  • Bug #7044: icinga2 init-script terminates with exit code 0 if $DAEMON is not in place or not executable
  • Bug #7047: service icinga2 status – prints cat error if the service is stopped
  • Bug #7058: Exit code is not initialized for some failed checks
  • Bug #7065: pipe2 returns ENOSYS on GNU Hurd and Debian kfreebsd
  • Bug #7072: GraphiteWriter should ignore empty perfdata value
  • Bug #7080: Missing differentiation between service and systemctl
  • Bug #7096: new SSL Errors with too many queued messages
  • Bug #7115: Build fails on Haiku
  • Bug #7123: Manubulon-Plugin conf Filename wrong
  • Bug #7139: GNUInstallDirs.cmake outdated
  • Bug #7167: Segfault using cluster in TlsStream::IsEof
  • Bug #7168: fping4 doesn’t work correctly with the shipped command-plugins.conf
  • Bug #7186: Livestatus hangs from time to time
  • Bug #7195: fix memory leak ido_pgsql
  • Bug #7210: clarify on db ido upgrades
  • Feature #6719: Change log message for checking/sending notifications
  • Feature #7028: Document how to use @ to escape keywords
  • Feature #7033: Add include guards for mkclass files
  • Feature #7034: Ensure that namespaces for INITIALIZE_ONCE and REGISTER_TYPE are truly unique
  • Feature #7035: Implement support for unity builds
  • Feature #7039: Figure out a better way to set the version for snapshot builds
  • Feature #7040: Unity builds: Detect whether __COUNTER__ is available
  • Feature #7041: Enable unity build for RPM/Debian packages
  • Feature #7070: Explain event commands and their integration by a real life example (httpd restart via ssh)
  • Feature #7158: Extend documentation for icinga-web on Debian systems